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  1. I enjoy the ratio of screen to device front - though I still wish it were compromised a bit by frontal speakers, to be sure.
  2. daDonn

    Need a new phone

    Give us some phone options and we'll provide the pro's and con's of each.
  3. daDonn


    'Twould be an upgrade.
  4. daDonn

    Diablo 3's Auction system is getting closed

    Finally Blizzard has decided to bow to the demands of fans worldwide and close the Auction House altogether in Diablo III, as of March 18 next year. Video through the link: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/blog/10974978/ EDIT~ Dupe thread, feel free to delete! Levent beat me to the punch .
  5. daDonn

    Sharp 14inch and 15inch 4K monitors

    You've got to look at how the software uses the extra pixel real estate, though. The iPhone was designed with a high PPI screen in mind, so all the icons and content have been scaled up to be higher resolution - and the way apps are executed means the image rendered re-scales based on the app's design. Windows is not like that; whilst the OS itself has a setting to allow the UI to scale in such a way, individual applications do not necessarily use this setting - and just look really small with high resolutions.
  6. daDonn

    Looking for a new monitor for my dad. Suggestions?

    Yeah, but there will always be some apps that base their size on the pixels displayed rather than system settings, and may not be able to be independantly scaled. If those are literally the only applications he's likely to use, well and good, but if there's any chance of others I'd go by what I said.
  7. I live in the middle-of-nowhere, rural Australia.
  8. daDonn

    Asus Teases Mechanical Keyboard at Computex

    If this product proves good quality (as I'd expect it to because ASUS), and had launched around two months ago when my keyboard died, I may have been tempted, as it would suit the red-and-black theme existing in the rest of my build. As it stands I'm happy with my G710+.
  9. Two years ago I received a sizeable tax return from the good ol' ATO. Then I waited until a decent array of parts were available. Then I ordered them and built this: http://pcpartpicker.com/p/13eyI
  10. daDonn

    Sharp 14inch and 15inch 4K monitors

    Methinks a system setting would certainly require a change, there! Issues will crop up in apps that don't recognise that setting, though.
  11. daDonn

    IPS Recommendations

    I can comment on the Samsung S27A850T 27" PLS panel, as I have it. It's awesome! I haven't really used too many other equivalent panels, except on phones :P.
  12. daDonn

    Am I the only one that does this?

    On my phone, I click the home key to get back to the start. On my PC I have pretty much all the apps I use on the taskbar (I re-enabled the old quick-launch tray, usually disabled in Windows 7), so I rarely need to go to the desktop. When I do, I tend to just grab the window and snap it to one side of the screen, because what is on the desktop is all on one side of it.
  13. daDonn

    Looking for a new monitor for my dad. Suggestions?

    Is the reduction-in-eye-strain situation going to be long-term? If so, I'd get a larger 1080p panel, just for the increase in the default sizes on-screen.
  14. Illogical app-tray app layout (cannot list apps in alphabetical order without manual adjustment), childish interface theme (though less-so compared with previous versions), bad use of screen real estate, useless gimmicky features, unintuitive home screen editability. I would not say it's too slow; neither of these phones show much evidence of slow-down at all. It does jerk a bit here and there if all the useless samsung gimmicks are enabled, though. Once again, this is my personal opinion, so feel free to let yours differ. My best advice is to have a play with a demonstration model at your local store, and arrange the homescreens in such a way as you would generally use them. What I do like about it though, is the S-View cover - and if you can pick one up cheap enough then it might just tip the balance into getting the S4. It's the first mobile phone cover I've come across that genuinely adds decent functionality without bulk to an already pretty good phone.
  15. daDonn


    Nothing to rate, so I guess I'll just post mine :P. http://pcpartpicker.com/p/13eyI