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    Student. Trying to get a degree in IT. Currently studying BSc in Information Technology in W.I.T.
  1. To get into that giving and christmassy spirit.. I bought this t-shirt for supporting a disabled children charity.. (Enable Ireland) Info page if anyone's interested.. http://imgur.com/gallery/oHZXhBO Hopefully this does well, it's a funny slogan for an important charity.
  2. I own both an Xbox 360 and a PS3, along with a moderately powerful gaming PC. Reason I bought the consoles were for specific exclusive games. (Halo series, and Gran Turismo/Motorstorm respectively) Plus there's the convinience of just being able to turn it on, put in a disc and play straight away with friends. Quicker and more social than on my PC with Steam/Origin.
  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yfb38i8Wzs8 The new Xbox console has been revealed, here's the trailer for it.
  4. Those asking about my broadband connection, its included with University fees. The connection is dedicated, so I get at least 150Mb speeds all the time. At night I get up to 920Mb speeds. Steam once showed 107MB/s. Pretty insane stuff.
  5. It's my fibre broadband connection here in Ireland. :D
  6. Lets see what games people have! Just take a screenshot of your Steam library, and post it here. Simple!
  7. $30. Could use it as a media server for music.
  8. Halo Reach was pretty good, and Forza Horizon is alright.
  9. I bought my PS3 Slim back in 2011 just for Gran Turismo 5, since then I've gotten SSX and Uncharted 3. I haven't bought any other games for the console, instead I subscribed to Playstation Plus and got a good few games there, Infamous 2 being my favourite out of the lot. As for my Xbox 360, I bought the first revision of it back in 2006, and now have the Slim version, bought it for Halo Reach and Forza 2. Don't use it that much though, prefer the PS3's slicker presentation. If you can include it, I bought the Vita for Unit 13 and Wipeout 2048. Great really.
  10. Remnants

    Cheap IPS or TN?

    Just got this monitor to replace my ageing Philips 220C. 2 HDMI, VGA, and Dual 2W speakers, which sound alright. One of the thinnest monitors on the market too. Also, £132. All reviews about it are 90% or over, and highly recommended. http://www.dabs.com/products/aoc-i2353fh-23--ips-led-full-hd-monitor-7WF7.html?q=i23&src=16
  11. In 2003 I had a 40GB HDD, thought it was amazing. 2013, I have several 256GB SSD's in my desktop. My server has 24TB of space, which is almost full, and I'm thinking... why?
  12. Pentium 3 333Mhz 64MB SDRAM Nvidia TNT2 32Mb 17" CRT 20GB ATA I think it was a Gateway PC. I was 6 at the time. Them 90's.
  13. I worked at GLS Ireland, it's a shipping service in Ireland, and I've always seen any kind of parcel thrown about. Not a care in the world. The possibility of the video card coming off and being thrown about during shipping is a real possibility. Like it was said, if someone tried to steal it, they would have taken more care. The outside case would be fine because I assume you put foam inserts around it. The amount of force from throwing a heavy parcel down stairs (The classic method for taking parcels down a flight of stairs) would damage the internals significantly. Regardless, you really should have either taken out the video card and separately pack it or filled the case with foam padding or air pocket bags. It seems like an amateur move to ship a computer without packing it in foam on the inside.