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    "WARNING! Reading my bio may cause the following: Ear rape, explosive balls, intense diarrhea. If you have one of the following, please see a local doctor or psychologist. Thank you."


  1. My #ROGRigReboot submission video MUST WATCH. Video Link: https://youtu.be/zjtK79bMSR0
  2. Thanks ill keep that in mind
  3. thanks i bought the s5
  4. I just bought it thanks
  5. That would be awesome and the condition is good
  6. it has no scratches or dent, the only issue is the charging cover thing that dosent close all the way in but he said its replaceable
  7. its a sprint S5 used for $250...is it worth it?
  8. Son

    G3 vs S5

    i already bought the S5
  9. Son

    G3 vs S5

    I think the g3 has good performance and battery to. But what do you like better?
  10. Son

    G3 vs S5

    Im buying used so the one plus is around $280, the S5 i got a deal for $250(Sprint) and the g3 is around $260(sprint) What wound you go for?
  11. Son

    G3 vs S5

    I cant make up my mind on these two so could you guys help me choose the better one?
  12. never hear of the Zenfone 2 ill check it out
  13. Which one would you go for?