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  1. Bought $400 ski pants brand new for $40. Those are new old stock and this model is discontinued for years. I was using my alpine climbing hard shell pants until now so finally no more show entering my leggings because of the lack of integrated gaiters. Now I finally have a right tool for the job.
  2. Nope. There is no way to convert display port signal to thunderbolt. Thunderbolt is essentially PCIe over the cable
  3. Let me get this straight, your monitor is connected only to the GPU and power? If so it won't work at all. Your Display port output can not be magically converted into Thunderbolt.
  4. When going outdoors I am using either Nalgene wide mouth 1l or Platypus Platy 2l flexible bottle and sometimes both. Platy is not good during the winter adventures because it can easily freeze. I also got Convertube from company called Source which essentially converts almost any bottle into a hydration pack, but still did not test it out.
  5. Well, it is a long shot, but let me try here. Unfortunately I broke LCD display on the scale. Everything else is is in good shape so if someone maybe have ANY broken Withings (Nokia) scale with working LCD, please let me know, I would like to buy that LCD. Pointing me to another forum/webstore etc. where I could find something like that is also helpful. I tried searching by the product number, but no luck there.
  6. How I see things: China is growing economically and it is just matter of time when they will surpass the US. US don't like that so they are trying to stop it by all means necessary. Huawei is just the most famous company being caught between two fires. I read an article some time ago that Huawei's mobile division was about to become the number one company in the smartphone export, but someone didn't like that either. Also, the US accusing someone for espionage is just ridiculous. They've been caught with their fingers in the cookie jar way too many times. So, it seems that is OK if US spies on you, but if there is possibility that China COULD do that, it is just outrageous. In the end the victims will not be companies or governments, but end users. 5G deployment will be dramatically postponed because the next "cheapest" 5G equipment maker's price is significantly higher. I could compare what this will do to the technological development to what the inquisition done in the middle ages minus burning the human "witches".
  7. Two days ago I had an opportunity to listen to this album in full length performed live by the same people which recorded it and it was awesome.
  8. Niksa

    Mixer help...

    I would suggest you to use Yamaha for both input and output. You can use "monitor out" section for connecting your desktop speakers, and you can find how to configure the setup according to your needs at the bottom of the manual (Rear panel USB section). Basically this mixer is stereo input and stereo output only audio interface (when using USB). All inputs are mixed into 2 (stereo) channels. You would have to route channel 9/10 (stereo channel) to receive audio via USB and send that to monitor out section. Use something like this to connect your 3.5mm speaker plug: https://www.amazon.com/Stereo-Female-6-35mm-Splitter-35FM-2x635M/dp/B017IKKN3I In this setup you can easily route guitar -> ch_x input -> amplifier emulation software -> ch_9/10 -> speakers. Also, all inputs are combo XLR jacks so you don't need 6.3mm to XLR cable at all. Just standard 6.3mm to 6.3mm guitar cable will work (just like you have in the diagram).
  9. Packing order is something than anyone with functioning body can do. It is quite repetitive job and there are NO special skills needed for this work. All those kinds of jobs WILL be replaced by robots. As I said before, repetitive and no extra skills required equals (relatively) easy to develop robots to replace humans. What now, should we kept carriage drivers back in the days because cars have replaced them? Some jobs are dying and there is no point of keeping them just for the sake of having those jobs. My point is, specialize in something that robots can't do. There are many factories which are highly automated, but they still require human labor for some specific tasks. Aim for those kinds of jobs. P.S. my whole thought is a general one. I don't know (nor care) about any particular companies, their business practices in this thought.
  10. Niksa


    Just found out about experimental shinkansen train which had air brakes. Current E5 model is based on that design, but without air brakes. There was a nickname for that model and it was "cat ears shinkansen". Photo will tell you why.
  11. IMHO velcro tape is the best. You tape one strip to the case and another to the DAC. Also good thing about velcro is that it can fill the gap between chassis of the DAC and the case if your DAC has feet. Another plus of velcro is that you can easily move your DAC from your desktop PC to eg. your laptop without removing the adhesive. Countless touring guitar players use this technique to fix their effect pedals to the pedalboard. Those pedalboards are being tossed all over the place and nothing moves inside.
  12. Well, in EU you have import taxes (VAT) and customs fee or also called import duty. Basically, they will always apply customs fee (import duty) to clothing and VAT. Sometimes there is additional cost which they call handling fees which is usually fixed amount of money. And also not to forget, VAT is applied to the shipping costs as well.
  13. After all Crunchyroll started as a pirate anime site and it is now a leading legal anime provider. So what if they started as pirates? Also, the Youtuber which starts with p is IMHO only relevant for his fan base and no one else.
  14. A bit off topic, but I am curious. Why majority of the people which are doing data science must behave like Jehovah's Witnesses and spread "the gospel of data science" to the "common people" and propose that data science is solution for everything? Also on topic. Hiring data scientist would probably cost more money than the gain LTT would have for having one. They are a way too small company for needing one. Someone with a bit better knowledge of the statistics is more than enough for them and, as some people have already mentioned before, they already have people doing that. Youtube provides more than enough data and it is not massive amount of data that you can't process manually. To conclude, data science and machine learning have their place in the world, but this is not one of them.
  15. DT990s are quite easy to drive with anything. I used them with Realtek onboard sound card, Macbook Pro soundcard and had no issues. I also use them with Audient USB interface and Schiit Fulla 2 and indeed they are louder that way, but is that really that you need? Going above noon on Fulla 2 makes listening experience a bit more painful because of the volume.
  16. thanks for the effort, but it is more watch than the bracelet....
  17. I am trying to find a quite specific product. I am looking for activity wristband, but febore everyone starts to recommend me Fitbits etc., here are the requirements: - long battery life (at least 2 weeks). Non chargeable models are ok if the battery can last at least 1 year - must work with Apple Healhtkit - no display - pedometer + heart rate monitor - reliable I recently got Xiaomi Miband 1 which is missing heart rate monitor and pedometer doesn't seem precise enough so I plan to use it for now. I am also fine with one of those monitors which can fit below the classic watch. On everyday basis I prefer to wear my "stupid" watch so I don't want smartwatch. Also, I have a sort of smartwatch by Garmin, but I use it only for going to the mountains. Any first hand recommendations?
  18. I would go with version 2 just because of the added rack gear emulations like Dyno-my-piano chorus etc. and guitar matching (playing with whatever and sound like you are using Gibson, Fender etc.). Personally I am using Fortin Nameless and Waves PRS pack. They are not feature rich as BIAS-FX, but they sound killer.
  19. I think that it is a common thing. Also, I forgot to add that you can pay for the goods at the convenience stores and receive them at your home address as well.
  20. In Japan you can order stuff from Amazon to the convenience store instead to your home address and even pay for the package upon delivery in there. And you are able to that for years now. Also, no extra charge for those services.
  21. I, for sure, know that at least one huge global financial organization has an AI which goes through Twitter to find information before anyone else so it can find the next "hot" stocks to buy. Tweet like that will for sure make those AIs set a flag to buy stocks which will lead to the stock market price change. No wonder SEC is not looking positively on this.
  22. I know a similar story about one guy who managed to find a serious vulnerability of the web banking site of his bank at the time just by accident. By just editing URL he managed to see other people's transactions without knowing to whom those accounts belong. Being a nice guy he sent a mail to the bank with the description of the issue just to receive a month later legal threat from the bank's legal team that, paraphrasing, "it is not vulnerability on it's own because no one discovered it before. So, since he discovered it, he made that vulnerability a real vulnerability so he should fix it". What I know is that he just replied them with some links about web security and definition of the word "vulnerability" and that on the following day he closed his banking account at that bank.
  23. I am that kind of "moron" because every day I get at least one new interesting video which is not on my subscription list (which is really short). But unlike those commentators, if something really annoying or not interesting at all pops up I will click "not interested" in order to "teach" Youtube algorithm what I like and what I don't and not write stupid comments
  24. This. They are among world leaders in mobile infrastructure equipment, something that providers use and something that in the end end users interact with no matter if they have Huawei, iPhone, Samsung or other smartphones or dumbphones. So, if you want to spy on someone, it is better to spy from the point where you can spy all the users no matter which phone they use.
  25. Pictures would be helpful. But even without them it feels like "cheap stand syndrome" to me. When it gets loose, it gets loose for good.