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  1. Just like Linus said - it is probably the best smartphone yet, and I'd be thrilled to win one from Linus himself. As for the skin - it looks beautiful and sharp, so props to dbrand and to Edzel for the design.
  2. Favourite thing about the notebook... it has Linus's and Slick's autographs on it
  3. The biggest plus for me would be the level of user interface customization. Love it!
  4. Yeah, I get the general idea of generating traffic and publicising the forum, but... you get a small frown from me for the whole annotations story. Otherwise - great video, I liked your conclusion. Keep up with the good work, guys! :)
  5. All this talk about the camera itself, haven't you wondered what storage media is the phone going to write to? 4K has an uber-high bitrate, so I'm guessing the video has to be compressed dractically to fit through the storage bus and onto the memory itself. Referring to both volatile and non-volatile memory - during recording/processing and for permanent storage.
  6. I don't have a car or motorbike, but at one point my mountain bike was about twice the value of my PC :D But it's the PC, bike wasn't that expensive. It had a much, MUCH bigger personal value for me. This is why I think Linus will regret selling his bike, one often gets much more attached to a certain two-wheeled vehicle, than to a 4-wheeled one. My 2 cents :)
  7. I had a 4870x2 die on me - apparently a memory chip, connected to one of the GPUs, was just going full retard from time to time, but I tried disassembling, cleaning and reapplying thermal paste before discovering this... oh well, it'll never be forgotten. Beautiful card, I'm telling you :D Other than that, I don't remember doing anything else than cleaning or replacing parts :unsure:
  8. Nobody, even from my own small country :( By the way, guys, has anybody met Linus or Slick personally? Excluding the moderators, of course, as some of them obviously know Linus and/or Slick before LTT even came to be; I'm just curious :)
  9. Everyone complimenting the other guys' profile pictures... and I, unfortunately, have no idea what other, more different compliment to give to the previous poster :unsure: I kind of like the hidden (even unintensional) reference to the recent 5GHz chips from AMD :D
  10. Andreshk

    Red vs Blue

    ...nothing :rolleyes: :D
  11. Andreshk

    Red vs Blue

    Green :D Seriously, red lighting looks aggresive, and I don't really like having that feeling every time when I look at my PC. Red-coloured parts (+ watercooling tubes and/or coolant) are OK in my book. What RaVenBelgium posted in shameless Comic Sans are the general psychological characteristics of both colours, and I personally agree. That's the reason I chose Blue.
  12. I see you internet speed being the bigger issue, file sizes like these are normal - you just perceive them as big, because it takes ages to upload them ;) Sorry, man, but there is only so much you can do.
  13. My slightly different point of view - maybe there still is old inventory, and unless their warehouses are reeeeeeally full to the brim nand there is absolutely NO room left for another box of new GPUs, for example - why throw them out; selling them at $10 even will be less of a loss :)
  14. Exactly - now I won't have one half of my phone get untouchably hot, the entire case will just warm up a little :) I can deal with that; come on you guys, phones never give out more than a Watt of heat, and this distributed evenly on the entire phone surface shouldn't bug even the most grumpy users :D
  15. Heaven forbid, fans on a phone :blink: I remember my uncle joking about the first Intel Medfield-powered smartphones being 2cm think and having a small, obnoxiously loud fan, and I really don't want any of that to become the truth... On a serious note, if it helps SoC cooling with the user barely (if all) noticing - no outside heatpipes, please :D, it's a good idea and I'm looking forward to Apple, HTC & Samsung doing something about it :)
  16. The new logo fits the video intros better; but sticks out unpleasantly on the blue background of the forum header... and (my personal opinion) I liked the old one better :unsure:
  17. Taxes, price forming in general... It's just that (for reasons unknown to me) something that costs $200 in the US automatically gets an MSRP of €200 in Europe... and then come the taxes :wacko: Because who needs exchange rates, $1=€1 and a big "f*** you" with that... For the record, $1 = 0,75€ :huh:
  18. Excellent then. This bike should be ideal for you, just be sure to get a larger frame size - L, if possible. That's it, and have fun :)
  19. What is you riding style? It says Trek on the label, so the frame should be sturdy, but the other components are, like it says on their website, entry-level. Then again, everything depends on your way of riding it, and if your desired use is simple commuting in a well laid-out and bike-friendly city, the 820 may as well be your bike of choice :) Edit: Also, I understand you are a bit taller? How much, exactly? And how much do you weigh?
  20. As long as we get to see both of them the majority of times, I don't mind having the occasional solo Linus or solo Slick. It's still going to be awesome :D
  21. My bad :wacko: So, where did I put that $2000 I just happened to have lying around... JK, I love it, this type of screen should be the standard, and everything about the build and overall look is amazing. Can't (unfortunately) vote with my dollar, but I give it my thumbs up, just like the guy from the avatar above me :P
  22. Apple - unlimited* apps in one folder, unlimited** marketing lies and fake advertisement. * actually limited to 170, because who uses more? Screw that one percent, we have another 50 million iSheep to believe us unconditionally ** truely unlimited Also, something that pisses off the newbie programmer in me - how freaking hard was it to implement some kind of a dynamic array, so that you could add apps in the folder until you fill up the internal storage? Seriously, iOS programmers? :angry:
  23. I don't think you could actually see them - twice the altitude of commercial air flights, and something tells me they won't be even close to an Airbus in size... so don't worry about supersticious people mistaking them for UFOs and freaking out, they won't :D My personal opinion: if anyone can deliver 3G speeds from 20km away, it's Google. And I still doubt that's possible, but it is up to them to disprove me now :P