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  1. How do you know that it's going to be a part o the core game ? How did they lied ? Did you even read the article? Or did you just stopped on a title of this post ? This is the real mental gymnastics to attack ppl while having zero knowledge on the topic and being to lazy to even read the article.
  2. No it doesn't it's way too slow, at best it can do 1080p 30fps x264 at some low bitrate and x265 is whole another level, remeber we want 4k 60fps capable SOC at some decent bitrate...
  3. and fast CPU my 7700k strugles sometimes to keep up for 144hz in MP
  4. A part from that what Google is stating being total BS... I think you are forgetting that usual button to pixel lag on consoles is usually over 100ms and that's on super fast gaming monitors... But it still doesn't matter as it's fine for most "gamers" just look how many console users there are and they don't see anything wrong with it. I don't think we need to mention USA Internet infrastructure is a mess. Game streaming as video will be BS at least for me until we get some quantum internet with like 1ms encoders and with almost no visual loss. PS. 1080p 144hz anyday over 4k 60hz
  5. ??? It is supposed to be better(have better accuracy) than Navstar and Glonass ( they are all part of public GPS system ).
  6. It is still good CPU for the money =] and as a new PC gamer you dont rly know what you will need more, mb you you will start streaming and i bet R7 2700 will work better for Gaming + Streaming cuz 2 extra cores
  7. it is good enough for that GPU, just new AMD CPUs are better as it usually is, tho the 2700 might be faster in other workloads besides gaming
  8. Yeah, they are fine for 1080p 60fps ( i am using RX 580 atm )
  9. As you could get Ryzen 5 3600 instead of R7 2700 ( 3600 is faster in gaming ) and save some money on mother board
  10. i wish you asked for advice before you got parts, maybe you can find GTX 1660ti for that if not go for 580/590
  11. 590 is a bit faster 580 they are they same chips on different node, so if you need a GPU NOW i would go with something Nvidia.
  12. And i would go with Nvidia GPU or w8 for new custom radeons if you want AMD
  13. Like i said performance stats don't say the full story and are you runing DOOM in vulkan ?
  14. Looks like you are CPU limited and looking at overall CPU utilization says nothing, at minimum you should look at per core/thread usage but even that wont tell you the full story are there is usually way more to it like memory latency, bandwidth, cpu cache usage/speed and so on. From games you have listed those have poor CPU optimization or are CPU heavy DRM: - Dishonored 2 - Far Cry New Dawn - Borderlands 2 As for Doom 2016 you should try runing it in Vulkan that should help with CPU bottleneck...