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  1. I have no window (long story), and I have 4 computers running, that's:

    1x GTX 680
    1x GTX 650Ti
    1x HD 7750
    3x Core i5 3550

    1x Core i7 3930k


    TL;DR: Yes, it gets very hot in here very quickly. I have to have the air conditioning on 24x7 (mainly for ventilation, mind you).

    <small rant>Power here is around 30c per kilowatt hour too - so this is not a cheap or advised thing to do</small rant>


    Temperature Stats:
    Prior to turning of air conditioning: 295.15 degrees K (22 C [71.6 f])

    After 30 minutes: 300.15 degrees K (32 C [89.6 f])

    After 1 hour: 305 degrees Kelvin (37 C [98.6 f])


    And this is during the winter! I could not do this experiment in the summer...

  2. in math there was a graphing problem about internet and according to the math problem an internet plan costs $10/GB


    there is no possible way that can make sense

    There is, in Australia (http://www.telstra.com.au/mobile-phones/mobiles-on-a-plan/index.htm#filter/brand//os//features//plan/s/sort/featured), on Telstra's lowest end mobile plan, data costs $110/GB, and they used to have an ADSL2+ plan which cost $50 / month and got you 5GB data...

  3. No Specs in above post.


    My Hackintosh / PC:


    Intel Core i7 3930K

    16GB Corsair DDR3 1600MHz



    nVidia GeForce GTX 680 4GB

    Thermaltake 700w PSU


    KB / Mouse:

    Razer Black Widow Ultimate 2013

    Razer Deathadder 2013

  4. Thanks everybody for your suggestions! I will continue working on the site and change the CSS so that it looks nicer on smaller screens, and, because this is a dev version, the CSS is in an embedded stylesheet, in production it will be on an external stylesheet, also the production site will use a JQuery CDN, not sure it I'll use Google's CDN or JQuery's CDN, both seem popular enough. The blurry images are just placeholder images, I am going on site today with my DSLR to get some decent images, and also some video.


    The site loads slowly because of the development server's upload speed (0.4 Mbps).


    Thanks again for the feedback.

  5. Make it really simple, a single sidebar or header to navigate the page with the content below, and a footer below the content with some links with more information and how to contact them + the address and such.


    And don't use anything flashy or useless because such things make your website slow.

    Thanks for the advice, I'm trying to make this site as user friendly as possible for "normal", non computer orientated people.


    i would look at it but its stuck on the loading screen lol

    That's odd, what browser are you using? I've tried it in Chrome 33 for Mac and Safari 5.

  6. Hi,


    I am developing a website for my dad's welding and fabrication business and I am looking for tips on usability, while also maintaining good looks. I apologise in advance for the slow load time, this site is on a dev server in my office, and, being in Australia, the internet is really slow (approx. 400Kbps) upload. The link to the site is below.





  7. At my school we have core 6 labs x 30 computers with i7 3770s with GTX 660Tis. 32GB RAM  and 120GB SSDs. Our storage server has 24 x 4TB HDDs in RAID 6 and multiple fibre links to each building. Our WiFi is 802.11AC 1700Mbps too. But our internet is 4 x 10Mbps ADSL connections :(  , though, just when the lunch bell rings and everybody logs off, you can get 35 - 40 Mbps down and 4 up! (Which for Cairns, QLD, Australia is really good!)

  8. I'll start with the events of the morning;

    The lights brighten, my UPSs (multiple UPS) start humming away and their obnoxious cooling fans go to full throttle. Why you ask? Well, my power company, Ergon Energy, cannot supply the right voltage to my street. Around 18 months ago, Ergon put a transformer at the end of my street to boost the line voltage, because prior to this, it was sitting around 210 volts. After putting in the aforementioned transformer, it decided that it was going to explode, and proceeded to do so, on a Sunday morning at 5 AM. Ergon came, pulled down the 75 KVA transformer, and put in a 100 KVA transformer. This was 1 week ago, and, ever since then, my mains voltage has been between 247 and 259 volts when it is supposed to be between 220 and 240 volts, not 259.


    So, my question...


    Has anybody else ever had a gross over voltage of the mains? Where? and after what (if any) change?

  9. So from what i get is its going to be like FTTB ?

    What you people don't understand is that fiber to your homes is not going to solve your slow internet problems, ordinary copper (as in cat5/6) can do 1gig. They are doing this because its expensive to put fiber switches at every end of the street and also that fiber is very fragile so to avoid consumers damaging it they are just giving you copper which is cheap and fast to repair.

    Australia has horrible internet because its geologically in a sh*t place.

    Most of EU is wired FTTB (Fiber to the building) and split off to copper connections for users and we are just now starting to hit bottlenecks with 10/100 switches that are in place to distribute that fiber connection so Australia is years and years away from any normal speeds however there is nothing you and the providers can do about the latency.

    If i was wrong and they are going to deploy massive Coax networks then yes you are pretty much going back in time.


    I agree with you in that cat5/6 can do gigabit, however our government is using the existing cat 3 &4 which is limited to (theoretically) 10 and 16 Mbps respectively.

  10. It is with a heavy heart I write this, but the coalition government appears to have one, along with a politician who thinks that 25Mbps up is a good thing and is cutting edge in Australia. Click Here to watch a video in relation to Abbot's internet.


    What does this mean?


    This means that the internet in Australia, which is already outdated, is going to be limited to copper speeds. Abbot's plan involves running fibre to the ends of the street and copper back to the homes, which results in 2 things:

    -Slow internet

    -TARDIS sized boxes at the end of each street


    Abbot has successfully brought our country back in time.

    Well done Abbot! You win! We loose!


    Out of pure sadness, I have changed my business' homepage in protest of Abbot's Internet. Click Here to view.


    What do you think about Australia and it's internet?

  11. Haha, I love this cooling solution !

    Could be your power brick that's faulty, sending too much juice and causing the overheating.

    Hello Mrenusso,

    It's not the power brick, I have tried several different power bricks to no avail. I think that it is the fact that I recently got a 1 megabit/s increase in my connection speed, and that it is hammered 24/7 by my family and myself.

    Thanks for the reply!

  12. Hello Everybody,


    So I have this modem, and I have had it for a while, but it recently started overhearing for some unknown reason. I contemplated putting a heatsink in the main processor, however I did not have one that did not interfere with other components, so I found a (what I think) very original solution:



    My question is has anyone else ever done anything silly but necessary like this?