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  1. I don't think it's a GPU power issue. I can game on both monitors, but even when I'm streaming a video on just the SA950, and my PA248 is not connected, it still glitches the stream. My monitors are both connected by DVI.
  2. OS : Windows 8.1 CPU: i5 2500k Mobo: p8p67 M-Pro PSU: Corsair Hx650w GPU: ASUS 560ti DirectCU II Storage: 1tb WD Green + 240GB Corsair Neutron GTX RAM: 2x4GB 1600mhz Ripjaws X Monitors: ASUS PA248 + Samsung SA950 My Samsung SA950 monitor, when connected, causes all of my video streams to turn glitchy. Attached images are Before and After connecting. What I've been doing as a workaround is just setting my display output to only my PA248 when I want to watch videos. Then returning to Extend Displays when I'm not streaming video. This doesnt happen to any video games or programs either, just streamed videos. Does anyone have any ideas as to what I can try to fix this?
  3. Stangahh


    Thanks for all the information and suggestions. I'll probably get the A5+ and some other things.
  4. Stangahh


    I've been looking around a few different sites trying to get the most bang for my buck, Linus recommends SP2500's, but lots of members here don't (they seem too consumer friendly to me). People talk lots about passive and active speakers, studio monitor speakers and bookshelf speakers, sound card versus no sound card in a speaker setup, whether the speakers already have an amp or not. It's all too bothersome for me. What i want is a 2.1 setup, i want to be able to really feel the bass when I'm listening to EDM or dubstep etc. I have a nice pair of headphones (Koss TBSE1) aswell. This is what i think i should be buying. Studio monitors + sub + amp + sound card (just to improve my headphone experience; but not needed for speaker setup right? It will only act as a DAC if i have an external amp?) I'm not too certain on anything, what does the forum recommend? Budget: $600-$700~ AUD Cheers! EDIT: Oo00oohh, newer version of amp apparently: 2013
  5. Yeah yeah guys i know about all this. I needed it now. Please no more posts like the 2 above, they aren't helpful at all. Now back on topic, how can i take it apart? There are hex-screw kinda things on the bottom side. I have the tools but I want some advice before I crack it open.
  6. Dear forum! I have recently acquired a new Acer Aspire S7 391. However, i am extremely disappointed to see that my trackpad is LOOSE. As in when I -very- lightly tap on the bottom of the trackpad, it MOVES PHYSICALLY and is disgusting and not right. I found this video online which seems to be my exact problem, though it isnt exactly well shown. :S NOTICE: When the person in the video below presses HARD and when he just lightly presses it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xv_pGsnZU64&feature=youtu.be The trackpad is >LOOSE<. I was also looking around on THIS POST and some guy has taken his apart and taped it up? What do i do! I would rather take it apart myself to save time. But i dont know how and cant find any videos of others taking it apart. Thanks so much for your help!
  7. Well that was easy. Thanks. ^_^ Still waiting on my O-rings from maxkeyboard.com, its been 11 days. (California -> QLD, Australia)
  8. Very simple question I'd say. So i am currently in possession of a Ducky Shine 2 White LED Cherry Brown keyboard. Black keycaps where the LED shines through. I want White keycaps, and I can find heaps of white ones on the interwebs, but how do i know they wont block out the LED? Do these block the LED out? http://www.pccasegear.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=23004 Cheers!
  9. Did you notice how much gel Linus put into his hand. xD Oh and the almost grab the sandals part. hahaha
  10. O_o When i try to edit the title... its grayed out.
  11. holy f*cking yesssss, im back into Windows! When specifying a place to copy the boot files to it fixedd iittt. So relieved. THANK YOU Azeotrope!
  12. Just be wary that Linus chooses this mouse because it suits his style, what he likes in a mouse. And as everyone here knows, Linus is NOT a gamer. :P
  13. Bump ^_^ If i cant fix this im gonna say, 'Screw it!', copy all my files and reinstall... but this is seriously inconvenient.
  14. Yeah same "Reboot and select proper boot device" problem. Sorry for taking so long to reply here, ive fallen ill. Your right about my SSD not being flagged as 'Boot', why on earth is that? Ive entered all the bootrec commands, when i 'bootrec /scanos' it detects one windows installation. when i 'bootrec /rebuildbcd' it detecs the OS and asks if i want to set it as boot, but when i select Yes 'y', it says it cannot detect the drive. It does the same thing when i select 'All'. Heeellpppp :C