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  1. That one only has one PCIe slot while the other has quite a few more. I need the extra PCIe ports
  2. I have looked on eBay but I can only seem to find the GS-R1233-RH which is a cut down version of the one I'm looking for.
  3. As the title says I'm looking for a Gigabyte GA-3CESL3-RH. Anyone know where I could get one?
  4. Dittogod

    Raspberry Pi vs Old PC for NAS

    I wouldn't use a Rasberry Pi, it's just not designed for such work. Like what @jj9987 said, the IO would cause some serious bottlenecking.
  5. Dittogod

    Plex Server On Dell PowerEdge R415

    Thanks The server is probably going to see a peak user count of about 7 simultaneous users.
  6. I was thinking of getting a Dell PowerEdge R415 with a six-core Opteron CPU for my Plex server. How well will Plex run on the system? and Does Plex have support for it?
  7. I really enjoyed this video, but I am sad that there aren't more camera reviews. I am really into taking pictures in my spare time and some more camera reviews would be nice for when i upgrade which I'm thinking about doing.
  8. Dittogod

    LTT: Open Bench Table Review

    That's a great test bench, it's a bit expensive for me but at least they give you the option to CNC it if you have access to such things which makes it great. I might try that at some point so I can have an actual test bench rather than the one I made following luke's instructions
  9. I would prefer it to have longer battery life than for it to be thinner. It's just more practical that way, and I wouldn't have to worry about my battery running out when on long trips. could even charge my phone on it.
  10. I like it 1080p works great. It's great that the early access is working and i can continue to enjoy your content instead of having to wait an entire week before being able to watch something new >.<
  11. Dittogod

    Cooler Master 240M

    love the red edges on that power supply
  12. Dittogod

    LG G3 Review and.... TWENTY-FIVE Phone Giveaway?!

    My favorite thing about the G3 would be the location of the buttons