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  1. I have an FX 8320 so no integrated graphics Have you had experience with the gt 710?
  2. Hi all, Just got a 1440p 100hz ultrawide monitor (MSI Optix MAG341CQ) and was wondering what the minimum graphics card I can use to run windows at the max resolution and refresh rate. It will only be used for music production and web browsing, never for gaming. I'm just looking a cheap solution to replace the Radeon 6450 in my desktop at the moment as it can only run the full resolution at 30hz. Thanks for any help or suggestions in advance!
  3. Thank you Linus and the rest of the team for giving, not only me, but the million other people a one stop source for the highest quality content tech videos on the interwebz. Love your personalities as shown in your videos and keep up the awesome work! Don't forget that all of us will support you in your journeys. ~Sincerely, Jon and all of your beautiful subscribers
  4. Favorite part is hands down the 1440p screen. The small bezels come in a close second.