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  1. I did not realize G Skill have their own, now I've installed that I've got the same problem with the same module, could it be faulty?
  2. Hi, I put some Trident Z RGB memory in my PC, all seems well PC is seeing full memory and allc4 sticks are lighting up. RGB Fusion will only control 3 of them, the remaining one does not show up in the software and stays on default rainbow effect. The RAM appears to work in every other aspect so not sure why it's not working here so any help would be appreciated The motherboard is a Gigabyte Aorus Z390 Master
  3. I might well leave it unplugged and save having to route another cable then. As far as load balancing was more bad explanation on my part, I was curious about longevity by putting less stress on each connector but I cant imagine it's a common point of failure, and the motherboard couldnt be that good if it was. Thanks for the responses.
  4. I know questions about the multiple CPU power connectors have become frequent since they became common place, I choose not to use the second one on my computer, but I do have a question. My 650w psu has the additional cpu connector meaning I could plug in both 8 pin cpu connectors in my motherboard, since my psu is only 650w there's no way I need the power delivery capabilities of both cpu connectors, but is there any benefit such as load balancing? Less wear/heat on the connectors etc?
  5. I'm sorry if this is not in the right topic, I wasn't really sure where to post it. I've decided I want to plaster everything in RGBs and I've brought a 2m Philips Hue Lightstrip Plus along with 2 1m extensions. My plan is as follows. 2m lightstrip wrapping around the back of my monitor. Use an extender to get to the back of the desk where the first 1m Extension would go. Use another extender to get to a nearby shelf where I'd put the final 1m extension along the shelf. So thats 4meters of lighting, my understanding is the kit can support up to 10meters (I might be wrong here) My question is with extension cables, I can't find official long Philips extension cables, the ones I have found are 3m long and since I'd need 2 that would take me up to my total of 10 meters in length, although with less LEDs than 10m worth of just lights. Will this work ok? Any suggestions which might work better would be appreciated.
  6. Zahkyto

    Razer Nari Size

    Hi, I'm after some advise from someone with a Razer Nari. How big are the headphones? I like using quite sizable headphones that do not squish the ears to much, anything with too small ear cups is just uncomfortable. Headphones I get on with include the Corsair HS70, Audio Technica ATH M50, and Beyerdynamic DT770 pro Does the Razer Nari compare to any of these with the size/comfort?
  7. So when I install a top mounted AIO I have the tubes towards the back of the case, because it frees up the area above my RAM which with flashy new RGB RAM looks nice. I'm guessing this does block the rear exhaust slightly and increases the risk of the tubing getting snagged by the rear fan if its not far enough away (I always try to keep it as far away as possible for this reason) I just notice in most builds I see with a top mounted AIO the tubes are at the front end of the case and go over the top of the RAM. Is there another reason why people always do it this way around?
  8. New AMD cards, that along with the hype around Intel weighing into the market, theres a lot just around the corner that could really shake things up.
  9. Can I split 3 fans on my MSI RGB header? I'm looking at buying 3 Coolermaster 140mm RGB fans and I've seen a Coolermaster 1 - 3 RGB splitter but not sure if its going to put too much load on the RGB header. My Motherboard is an MSI and says it can do 2 meters continuous 5050 RGB LED Strips with maximum power rating of 3A, 12V. Which I think comes to about 36W. I can't find any info on the power draw of the fans and not sure if the fact they are fans and not 2 meters of continuous LED strips has any effect on this. Just hoping someone who has a decent RGB setup might be able to offer some advise as its something that just leaves me horrible confused, I have to say the whole RGB thing seems like a right mess with all sorts of different software and brands of products that can't talk to each other.
  10. I did but the ATX ones look expensive, I'm really hoping to get something good value here as its a bit of an unexpected hit after buying the other parts already. - Its my fault for buying larger RAM and Graphics Card, I didn't even think to check if it would fit.
  11. I have been trying to put together a new system which doesn't seem to fit in the case I have, the Corsair H100i collides with the RAM which is Corsair Dominator RGB Ram, the case is a Corsair Carbide 400C - I guess brand doesn't mean anything for compatibility if the measurements are not right. The reality here is it will not fit in this case, it cannot go in the front as the Graphics Card is too long and the only way I can wedge it into the top is to make new holes nearer the edge of the case, then put the radiator in the case, and the two fans on top - I'm not willing to do this. So I'm just after some advise on a reasonably priced case that has a lot of headroom above the motherboard, the only ones I'm finding so far are huge full towers, does anyone know of a lower priced, mid case with more space than normal above the motherboard?
  12. So I'm in a bit of a dilemma... I'm thinking of upgrading my computer, which really is on its last legs has an Intel i7 4770K, I remember getting it just after the 4770K came out which I'm guessing puts the heart of the machine at around 5-6 years old, and while the rest of the machine is falling apart and has had upgrades/replacements over the years the Intel i7 has always worked flawlessly. So now I've decided to replace the lot it would make sense to go with another Intel processor. Well thats where the issue comes in, I've always liked AMD machines, and although I've been using Intel on my last few computers, the AMD lineup really does look more appealing this time around. So I'm just checking if theres anyone out there who has switched sides when it comes to their preffered choice? and if theres any pros and cons to switching from Intel to AMD.
  13. Tbh I think it is the model itself, having looked online a bit there's a few comments on how poor the display is, its a shame as otherwise its a solid laptop. The issue with a docking station/monitor is I use a decent desktop most of the time, only really use this when I'm away from that. I know a lot of cheapo tn panels that have glass actually don't look too bad because the glass helps or something (I don't really know how that works) was kinda hoping there was some kind of film or something out there I could stick on that would somehow improve the panel but I'm yet to find it.
  14. So I'm not going to name and shame the brand and to be fair in every other way this laptop I have is absolutely fine, except for one thing (and I specifically checked in the store) the screen looked fine on the display model... But now I got my own version of this super "gaming" laptop home I noticed something, the screen is awful, its worse than awful, its a 15" laptop and the viewing angle is so bad either the top or the bottom and even the edges is going all funny and no matter how I position myself in front of it. How on earth is that even possible. So I'm assuming just replacing the screen is not an option as this model clearly just has a terrible display, so what can I do? wondering if anyone know if theres anything out there that can ease the pain of frankly appalling viewing angles.