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  1. You'll probably need to start a new thread so more people will be able to help. You'll need to say if it's a newly assembled computer, state anything that was changed before it stopped working, tell us your motherboard, gpu, and monitor details. 1st, if your motherboard has a video output, use that, it may be a pci-e or a gpu problem in either hardware or software, so remove your gpu. 2nd if that doesn't work, you'll need to see if it's a hardware or software problem. Strip down the PC so it's just the motherboard, ram and cpu. Go to your UEFI and make sure if it can maintain a picture on the screen. If it can't, try a TV or another monitor. See if there's anything wrong with the monitor. Next, turn PC off, connect OS drive, then boot into windows with same setup. If the screen goes off while booting into windows then something with the OS is wrong. If it boots into windows successfully then there may be a problem (software or hardware) with your discrete graphics. If this happens, then turn off PC, put GPU back in, but keep using the motherboard as the display output. When you boot back into windows, make sure windows can detect the GPU. You may have to update drivers or whatever. It'd be good if you could plug a second monitor into the gpu as well.
  2. I don't understand why people buy any "flagship" phone anymore. They're around $800-1200 which is just ridiculous. I just bought a Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 for $236 AUD ($178USD) and it's got awesome specs. I could buy a similar priced phone every year and that's equivalent to buying a flagship every 4 or 5 years.
  3. I have a K70 RGB Cherry brown, like many others, and I love it. But.... I'm on the lookout for a keyboard with the same specs, but with a large Return/Enter key like the UK keyboards while keeping the long left shift key. Any help on that would be much appreciated.
  4. For those who are complaining about the data collecting etc, but still need/want to use windows. May I suggest "Windows 10 LTSB", it's everything you want without all the crap. Truly the best version of windows.
  5. Running 2 gtx 670's.... not in SLI anymore, my motherboard is half broken can't get them working at the same time. I'd like to get a new GPU with more VRAM than 2GB, and I'd be happy to jump to the red team because I'm keen on getting some of that freesync action.
  6. I haver a giant mouse pad (900x420mm) becaue: 1. my current mouse doesn't really track on my table 2. I sit in different positions so my mouse will be uised all over my desk (from left to right, top to bottom.) 3. My keyboard is on a slider tray under my desk so I actually get to use the whole mouse pad.
  7. It's most common when running 2 or more GPUs in xfire or sli.
  8. General rule of thumb for watercooling is 2x120mm for cpu + 120mm for every gpu you have. It can work with what you have though. don't expect temps to be great though.
  9. It's like when Jaguar was making the xj220 saying it'll have a V12 engine - people pre-ordered but then it was released with a turbocharged V6. At the end of the day, it was still the fastest production car of the time, but people didn't get what they thought they were going to get. Shit happens, and people should never trust companies / a product until the product is released and tested.
  10. Where you adjust screen resolution, did you click "detect"?
  11. From memory, the ITX case has the motherboard flat, while the MATX case has the motherboard on the side like a regular tower. (I have the phenom MATX which is same internals as the prodigy)
  12. I think there may be a competition between Linus & co. and BS mods, whether that'll be a scrapyard wars, who knows.
  13. A bios update could fix the DIMM slot problems (assuming there's an available update) I'm not sure what the voltages and settings are on your mobo, but there could be a chance that the ram voltage is too low. This person half fixed his problem by changing voltages. http://forums.anandtech.com/showthread.php?t=2240468 But there's a good chance you have a bad stick or a faulty mobo. It'll be difficult to test if you don't have spare ddr4 mobo laying around.
  14. Have you rotated the sticks (not 180 degrees) but used the other 2 sticks to see if it's a ram problem? Remove any overclock if you have any (maybe just clear cmos) See if you can test the dimm slots as well. EDIT: have you tried memtest 86 to double check any instability
  15. It'll look better than cutting a metal panel. since there's no paint to scratch off and the edges you cut will be the same colour. Plus, plastic is fairly easy to work with. In the end, it's only a case. It's not like your PC will die if you screw up. So it's up to you. It's probably best to practice on something else though.
  16. Whether you use a jigsaw, a dremel, or some sort of hand cutting tool... cut inside the line so you can use a file + sand paper to clean up the edges. Also make sure to use plenty of tape on both sides so you don't scratch it the plastic so easily. I'd recommend doing it, modding a case is fun. The other day I painted my fan grills white and it looks pretty cool. I've also made fan holes etc on other cases and it was worth it.
  17. I've seen this sort of thing happen with power tool batteries. Usually if you quickly unplug and re-plug the power plug in the wall multiple times, it will trick the battery into charging past the 100% dead stage, and it should charge like normal.
  18. Then help make my experience better by deleting all the bloatware that comes with windows 10, and that one drive section in windows explorer. Joking aside.... There's little reason for me to "upgrade" to windows 10 from windows 7. They haven't fixed the DPI scaling issue, too many problems currently with apps and games not working or poor performance. (time will fix this... I hope) Quadrant window snapping is the only thing I can think of that is good. DirectX 12 could be good in a year or 2 when games actually benefit from it. That's about it, I have display fusion so multi-monitor support is fine for me on windows 7.
  19. It was the most frustrating thing in the world when MS office 2007 was released and the double whitespacing was made default. (that's why I still prefer 2003 version) I'd rather have donald trump rule the world than have this as default on all applications and the web, seriously. BTW thanks @Master Disaster for the Shift+enter tip, I knew that's an option for a new line when "return/enter" sends your text (like sometimes on facebook). It will be frustrating on mobile devices that can't use this option though.
  20. Removing the 'nostalgia' feeling out of the equation, thus making my opinion less biased, I'd say the new office is over 9000x better.
  21. Yeah I believe there's a way to combine HDD in freeNAS without striping. I'll have to look more into it though. So you want to combine 4x4TB and a 2TB to show up as 1 drive? And no redundancy. Just like what @brwainer said, that'd be a JBOD - you won't be able to raid 0 them because the 4TB disks will act as a 2TB disk (the smallest disk in the array) Using ZFS in FreeNAS you can combine a bunch of different sized disks and it will combine them (but there will be redundancy, thus half your space will be usable.)
  22. Oh crap, just realized you wanted this in a non-redundant setup haha
  23. I know, it's unfortunate. I have 16TB (4x4TB WD red) and I can only use 8TB. Also, FreeNAS requires a fair bit of RAM so make sure you have 1GB of RAM for every TB of storage you have. I use 8GB for 16TB (8TB usable) and it seems fine, but I think 16GB would be recommended for me.
  24. I'm no expert but from what I found out, the rebuild time (when a drive dies) in a raid 5/6 is a lot slower to something like a raid 10 config. That's why I chose to configure my drives in a raid 10 in FreeNAS. May I also suggest in using ECC ram, it'll bump up your cost because you'll have to buy a supporting motherboard, but I think it'll be worth it. EDIT: If you've already bought the hardware then don't worry about it.
  25. Getting to know the new liking system will take some time for me. I'd prefer if there wasn't so many options though.