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  1. How big is that secondary monitor?
  2. Refresh rate setting on the monitor side? Is it @ 144?
  3. Sounds like a USB 3.0 raid enclosure.
  4. Fans should be in [auto-user defined] fan speed curve.
  5. LDG

    Dell U2515h Overclocking

    Ha! that 4150 guy removed his comments! LOLZ
  6. LDG

    Dell U2515h Overclocking

    I got Dell U2312HM OCed to 75Hz with no frameskipping BUDDY!
  7. Hi. Anybody here owns a Dell U2515H and did some OC without having some frame skipping above 61Hz? I can OC up to 80Hz but its useless, there is too much frame skipping. Thanks for any input.
  8. I just came from a 1080p+GTX970 setup then recently upgraded monitor to 1440p. Well as of my experience the 3.5+0.5GB Vram really affects perf @ 1440p. So if you consider on getting a 1440p monitor then you might as well buy the 1070.
  9. Just transferred the raid array this day. Automatically the chipset detected the raid setup no need to transfer my backup Yay!
  10. I created a raid 0 SSD on a MSI Z-87 G-45 Gaming before, then I wanted to transfer it to a MAXIMUS Gene VI both with same chip-set z87. My question is will the new board recognize the old setup or do I have to do a new raid setup again? Currently right now I'm backing up my raid 0 data to a HDD just in case. Thanks for any help..
  11. Anybody here get this "Display driver nvlddmkm stopped responding and has successfully recovered." error just browsing only? Tried to re-install the driver but same thing happens. Roll back to old driver maybe?
  12. I managed to make it work right now by opening the separate LED visualizer program @ the NVIDIA program files. The LED visualizer option @ GExperience is still on a NOT READY phase but its working right now like how normally is.
  13. Already done but still same results.
  14. Anybody here knows how to fix this? It worked previously then suddenly I got the "NOT READY" error message. Its a MSI GTX 970 Golden Edition. Uninstall/Re-install drivers and GE but still the issue persists.. Thanks for any help..
  15. Still have no idea about how to pull-out the tubing.