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  1. Freeman

    Why OLED on Laptops.. kinda sucks. Razer Blade 2019 Review

    David is really good and talented as the "product interaction model", that element was missing after Maxine left, I'm really happy that David has managed to fill that role. Funny that they are both camera operators, I guess that makes them aware of what looks good on camera.
  2. Quite disappointing video. The idea sounds very interesting, the execution was a huge waste of time. Instead of answering the question in 10 or less minutes, the video drags for 40 minutes, while trying to imitate the format of top gear TV show. Unfortunately, that format was held by the hosts, not its own quality, so for someone who doesn't like the humour displayed, the video is unwatchable. Sadly, the attempt to make a funny video has also destroyed the information value. We learn how well can Linus and Brandon compose a shots, not much about advantages of expensive camera. Giving a pro photographer and an amateur a cell phone, mid range camera and pro-summer camera, each for a month, to use in day-to-day life for capturing interesting moments and then seeing the difference in quality of captured images would be much more informative and could be conveyed in fraction of the time used here.
  3. Freeman

    Does a Case Make Your Phone Slower?

    There is still more and more of these blog style, fake banter, less scripted episodes, as opposed to the more compact planned out episodes where host reads the teleprompter. I hope this doesn't become the new standard, as it takes way more time to push across the same amount of information.
  4. Freeman

    How can this phone last 16 days??

    It was a letdown that they didn't talk about that at all. That is something I'm way more excited about than some stupid all screen or folding phones. If you want my money, get me something with image retention, as I don't play games or watch video on my phone, so 10fps is more than enough.
  5. Freeman

    The New Best Gaming Laptop. - RoG Strix Scar III

    What the hell is it with these crusades? First hate on the disc drives, then USB2 I've used to connect the external disc drive once they did indeed remove the built-in ones and now you fight for webcams that many people just tape over or disconnect anyway? Ugh, gotta love the vocal minority .
  6. Freeman

    May 3, 2019 - THE WAN Show Document

    Thanks for posting the doc .
  7. Freeman

    VLC Low Quality Youtube Playback

    You can get the 1080p video stream, but w/o the audio, so you have to use a program ffmpeg to put them into one container.
  8. No, it wouldn't fix itself if you have studies disabled (like I do). You need to type in the address bar: about:studies Select "Update options" Check "Allow Firefox to install and run studies" Wait for "hotfix-update-xpi-signing-intermediate-bug-1548973" to install Type in about:studies Select "Update options" Un-check "Allow Firefox to install and run studies" The install took 10 minutes on one machine, other one is waiting for half an hour now... PS: The old (now called legacy) extensions were a terrible design, security-wise and shouldn't be enabled, not that it would fix anything, since this is just FF certificate, used to sign the add-ons, expiring.
  9. I have tried to make that work, but I haven't found any good solution that I'd be willing to invest in. That said, if LTT makes a video outlaying the options, I'd be very interested .
  10. Freeman

    April 20, 2019 - THE WAN Show Document

    Thank you for posting the doc, I really enjoy reading through them . e: And again no doc for 26th .
  11. Freeman

    Vibrating Screen Instead of Speakers?

    You have over 50 people working there and you can't even manage to make a review. It was still a 12 minute video, you could have fitted all of the new features in there with a bit more effort with scripting and cutting, but instead decided to churn out a filler video .
  12. They are great, you can pick the graphs you are interested in and pause on them, the value graphs are very informative, they tell you the ratio of value to the price of build, it's very simple, yet effective concept.
  13. Freeman

    March 22, 2019 - The WAN Show Document

    There has been a doc on 8th and 1st. PS: Thx to whoever is posting these, seems that when there is no Linus, we get both the news spoken about and the doc .
  14. Freeman

    March 8, 2019 - The WAN Show Document

    Thank you for posting the doc .
  15. Freeman

    March 1, 2019 - The WAN Show Document

    Hoho, finally a true wan show again, we get the doc (THANK YOU for that), we get news on the wan show, we get real good banter, I really hope that Riley and Luke become the default hosts, they work so well.