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  1. I can't say I agree with you. High refresh rates allow for smoother movement in every aspect of a game assuming your computer can handle running a game well above 60fps. It's a very noticeable upgrade that will affect any game you own that has an unlocked framerate(or at least capped at 144fps or above). It's very much not for E-Sports only.
  2. Games will run fine. It's the load times that will suffer. If you can deal with longer load times, it'll be fine. Just not ideal.
  3. You're at the minimum requirements for a PSU... and it's a crappy Dell OEM PSU. Definitely be careful with that. It could easily become an issue.
  4. I strongly recommend a 212 even if you don't overclock. Stock CPU cooler noise is annoying and it's worth $30 to get rid of.
  5. You have my blessing at least. What matters more to you on a monitor? IPS or refresh rate?
  6. http://www.3dmark.com/3dm/6723794 This made me realize that I never ran the normal version of 3DMark on my rig... well there we go. lol
  7. As my gold badge suggests, I like contributing to LTT when I can... sometimes a monthly payment is less than ideal for me though. I did sign up without hesitation when I found out I could try out the service free of charge for so long. After day one, I do have a few complaints though. - I'm not terribly interested in paying for channels other than LTT. How much of that $2.99 actually goes to LMG? - I still find preroll ads irritating, so I use Adblock and contribute in more direct ways. - I do not like Vessel's layout. Too many massive thumbnails of videos that I have no interest in. (give me a grid of videos uploaded by people I follow, like the extention "subscription grids for youtube") - Video quality seems a bit lackluster. - Where's my LTT LAN hoodie, @LinusTech?! I guess that's all I can think of off the top of my head. I do actually like the default player so far, so that's a big plus (plus the dark theme is welcomed). Youtube takes a fair bit of tweaking to be how I like it. I haven't decided if I'd renew my subscription just yet, but I do appreciate having a year to decide.
  8. This motherboard's actual list price is $110, not $230, so don't get too excited http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813130779
  9. It certainly depends on the game. Something that's really demanding like Evolve, or maybe even multiplayer BF4 or Hardline will need to have some settings turned down. Low is an exaggeration though. I'm getting around 60fps with the auto settings on Battlefield Hardline at 1920x1200 (higher than 1080p by a bit) with a GTX 660 which is only a little faster than a 750ti.
  10. If it's a load order issue, BOSS could help set it straight. https://boss-developers.github.io/
  11. Corsair fans are also prone to making clicking noises when undervolted... an issue that made my Cosmos II's fan controller completely useless when I had them.
  12. There's no way mods would have the time for that. I don't think any of them are payed in any way.
  13. I'm honestly not sure you actually want input on this build... but as it has already been mentioned many times, that PSU can't power that system. Ditch the dedicated GPU (which you don't actually need for excel) and grab an i5 with integrated graphics. That motherboard will run two screens and you'll be able to run on 180W. Or ditch Inwin and get a decent case that fits a real power supply for a reasonable price. Ditching the case gets a better computer at a lower price. I'm sure your mom is clever enough to find a few more inches of space for a better case.
  14. If you're determined to use that case and PSU, you need to ditch the 750ti. You don't have the wattage for a dedicated GPU. I'm guessing the inwin PSU is proprietary and non-replaceable.
  15. I have to ask why you're shopping for a "boutique" case when you're trying to get the price down. NUC aside, you should pick a different case before getting a lower end CPU. Unless your mom has some sort of attachment to it. The 750ti you picked also recommends a minimum 300W power supply. A recommendation I would echo.
  16. 18TB of disk space! You don't really have many other options that I know of.
  17. I've been able to play every now and then when I get the craving to play CoD when it was still good. I also haven't run into many hackers.
  18. Your other option is blowing the hot air from the radiator directly into your case. Which will increase the temperature of everything in your computer. Blowing slightly heated air from your case through the radiator and out the back is by far the better option.
  19. Just double check your return policy. I'm 98% sure you're fine lol
  20. Displayport is able to handle it, but I've never tried from a laptop. So good luck (also mini is identical to full, in terms of bandwidth. Adapting it to full displayport won't hurt anything.)
  21. I'll be honest, I was nay-sayer and I'm eating my words so far. Heist on Bank Job is way too much fun. I hope the other maps live up to it. Definitely not your usual Battlefield. I'll be watching GMG for a pre-order discount.