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    R5 3600
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    Gigabyte X570 Aourus Elite
  • RAM
    2X8GB 3600 MHZ
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    MSI 2070 Super Ventus
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    Thermal take C45
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    Seasonic Focus Platinum 750w
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    ARCTIC eSports 34 Duo
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  1. Yeah, they ignored my e-mails too, what a nice company turned out to be wow.
  2. The problem with DCH drivers is with windows, as it is windows who chooses them and install them by default, but you can always switch, how? Google it. it's a known issue from Microsoft, be more prepared when you talk... There is no fanboyism I told you already based on my exp and official reviews confirming those issues by GN, you should research and give facts as I did, but judging by your ignorance about DCH drivers and who's fault is this, I can't accept your opinions to have any credibility to me. have a nice day.
  3. Apperantly you don't watch Gamers Nexus, but my personal expirience with amd gpu drivers is the same as shown in GN from a very long time, buggy, glitchy and half working, Nvidia does not force DCH drivers, you are doing something wrong, and yes control panel interface feels old in design but it's working and that's what matters to me. Ofc nvidia is not perfect I have seen bugs and issues, but in 15 + years I have never had an major issue with their drivers, and I had alot of major issues with amd drivers, and its a fact that is admited by the industry, not only my opinion, so in drivers department amd need to work a lot more.
  4. 80c is high temp for 90% usage, seems your case have bad cooling and gpu vram is prolly overheating. Also disable asynchronous gpu fan cooling with msiafterbuner. I have 2070 Super ventus and it does not go over 74 at 100% usage.
  5. I have 2070 Super and 1440p monitor and I can't run games like Control, AC, Metro Exodus, RDR2 on ultra at 60fps. But on high sure. So I guess 2060 super will be medium to high for 60fps on the heaviest games, and fine on not so heavy titles. There are plenty of benchmarks on Hardware Unboxed channel, I suggest to take a look and decide for yourself depending on the titles and settings you are going for.
  6. Yeah, there are mostly TV's and some PC monitors that have upscaler too, so on them its fine if you change the resolution, but this is rather new, most PC monitors don't have upscalers and anything different then native is just terrible. That's why consoles 900p looks decent on 4k TV, as assets are internally rendered at 900p, sharpened and output signal is 1080p and then TV upscale it to 4k.
  7. I had similar problem, turns out its the asynchronous cooling feature that is on by default (one fan spin a lot faster and noisy while the other is slower). Make sure that asynchronous cooling is off and use synchronous cooling only via the MSI Afterburner. Also use MSI custom fan curve.
  8. Try to add additional heat pipes like this https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32835290531.html from the GPU cooler radiator(with or without cutting anything) to the CPU radiator to see what will happen with the temps and cooling and if GPU temps will lower transferring heat from GPU to CPU cooler.
  9. Boby

    Thermal Mod Idea

    Well, problem solved! I have contacted MSI, and we spoke about it. It turns out its some new stupid feature called "asynchronous cooling", and what basically this does is one of the GPU fans works at 80% while the other is chilling at 45-50%. This feature is on by default and it is supposed to be more efficient and quite , which may be true for casual gaming but definitely not for 100% constant GPU stress. The Fix? enable "synchronous cooling" in MSI Afterburner, now both fans are running at around 55-65% under 100% stress and the card is reasonably quite... In normal games now my fans are below 50% and the card is holding 67-69C and basically cannot be heard. But anyway, i will purchase someday copper heat pipes and test this theory to see what will happen
  10. Boby

    Thermal Mod Idea

    Yea i agree, transfer is the big issue here. But with some tiny aliexpress heat pipes stick inside the radiator instead of touching the other heat pipes might prove much better. Also its not about saving some cash to throw CPU cooler there, i just want to try and explore none invasive methods first that won't void the warranty of the GPU itself, if that fails then CPU cooler with mod for vram or liquid is the obvious choice.
  11. Boby

    Thermal Mod Idea

    I agree experimentation is needed. To complete the info here is the situation. I test under 100% GPU stress as i want to push the GPU as much as it can, but i don't want to hear that noise, so fan curves won;t help for 100% GPU Usage. In fact the GPU (MSI 2070 Super ventus) down clock from 1935mhz to 1905mhz to keep it going above 74C My GPU temps are up to 74C and GPU fans at around 70-80%. At the same time at constant GPU and CPU stress at 100%, my CPU never goes above 60C (Apparently i did good job cooling the CPU R5 3600 To understand me better, here is a picture of the whole PC. At the front there are 2x massive 200mm fans for intake. and one exhaust at the back (Positive pressure). What i have tried is adding more exhaust fans all nocturnes 120mm (top), adding more intake fans (Top) , adding fan on top of the PSU shroud as intake or exhaust, adding fan behind the the GPU at the back of the case. Removing front and top intake mesh, does not have any effect. And all this, GPU temp don't bunch, maybe at most 1C. Even at the back of the case its coming cool and not hot air. The Hot air is in the back exhaust fan and top. The Top of the case is also entirely open with dust filter too. What all that means, is that the case and the GPU receive enough cool air inside, and more air does not provide better cooling except if air is below ambient temp i guess. What that means is that everything else except some GPU mod in terms of case cooling is done and tested, and this is the best GPU cooling can do. Normally the temp of the GPU is fine and there is no issues, but like i said i don't like the fans to be that laud, and GPU fans are fine, i have tested them too, its not defective or anything. What you suggested to replace GPU fans, i have already tested this mod on another GPU card i have an old 970 and the temps are slightly worse and the noise is still there altho slightly better, and it also requires modification of the GPU bios to set proper curve for the new fans. So, i wonder what can i do to make those GPU quite on AIR! My GPU fans are fine and I'm happy with their noise level at around 60%, but not above that. So i need to improve the cooling just a bit. Perhaps if i change the GPU thermal paste with liquid metal could make the difference, idk. Damn i want some custom GPU aftermarket coolers that are better then stock stuff.
  12. Boby

    Thermal Mod Idea

    I have seen Linus video, and this is done long time ago and its known to be working, my idea is kinda different. I guess i could just buy some copper pipes like this https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32759351235.html. Bend them somehow and stick them in both radiators and see what happens Or maybe Linus could do this experiment for me lol.
  13. Boby

    Thermal Mod Idea

    Yes i know how heatpipes works and your statement is not correct. CPU cooler have A LOT of headroom to spare. Heatpipes should deliver (ideally) heat from the GPU which is hotter, to the CPU cooler, so if the transfer is good, the CPU temp will increase but not much while GPU cooler temp goes down eating CPU cooler headroom. Don't forget that every laptop works in exactly the same way. Here is a simple example: The real question tho is as they won't be really connected, (not cutting them and adding stuff inside), but just "touching" each other how good the transfer will be. Probably not much, and probably they will be barely any change if any.