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  1. See g-sync and 100hz isnt as important in games like dota which is making the asus a harder buy. However not seeing how large a 38 inch monitor is, is also making it difficult.
  2. So I am stuck between choosing an ultra wide monitor. I am a Dota 2 player and its my main game making up 80% of my current game time with some FPS making up the other (Overwatch and CSGO). The main reason I want an ultrawide is so I can get that extra vision on the side since the new update supports 21:9 monitors. I am torn as I thought a 34 inch monitor would be rather small and upon looking at my mates acer predator x34 I found out its the exact same size as my current ASUS 27 inch monitor, just wider. However I do have a rather large desk that can accommodate the 38 inch monitor. So obviously the pros and cons are something like this. Acer Pro -Larger -Better resolution Cons Freesync (nvidia user) Possibly too large? Obviously flip it for the ASUS monitor. I would love to hear from people who have experience especially with any 34/38inch ultra wide monitors (Think LG is the only other company offering one soo far?)
  3. Am I testing before and after the led to determine the voltage?
  4. I want to change all the red LEDs to purple to match my current setup, however it has been over 6 years since I did my electronic physics course and have no memory on the proper method of changing LEDs. I know you need certain resistors to get the peak performance out of an LED I just dont have any idea how to determine that and how I can modify my existing 380T pcb to accommodate for these changes. I have attached a pictures showing the LEDs. There are 3 LEDs on the left side that form the triangle with the button in the middle. There is one in the center bottom which is for the on button, and one underneath that is for the front. I want to swap them all over to purple for a matching theme, If anyone can help me achieve this I would be very grateful.
  5. Sorry to dig this back up but I thought since we finally sorted it like 2 months later I should post what was wrong. First was during the GPU swap to the 560ti I knocked out the molex cable to the fan controller which caused it to overheat. Also the 780ti Palit GPU was faulty, we discovered this after a little longer when funny things started happening. Since then I had the 780ti replaced and got a new one which then died 1 month later which is currently getting RMA'ed again -.-.
  6. Username: Arkwolf Video 1: https://www.vessel.com/videos/LCoY5zfFf Video 2: https://www.vessel.com/videos/JYZEYDYx0 Keep up the good work (y)
  7. Haven't considered testing ram mainly cause it ran fine on my 690 with no problems. However I will add that onto the list after the previous 2 things.
  8. So my specs are as follows, anything slashed out has been changed since it started. CPU: i7 2600k Mobo: Asus P8Z77I DELUXE GPU: GTX 780ti, GTX 690, GTX 560ti PSU: Coolermaster 650watt bronze, Corsair 750watt bronze HDD: 1TB WD Green So basically this all started with random screen lockups, the screen would lock up in game. I was still able to alt tab and sometimes and then it would say display drivers have crashed. So I updated EVERYTHING (Bios, drivers etc etc). I then purchased a better power supply since my coolermaster was 6 years old.However screen lockups still occurred. So I decided to switch out my GTX 690 and all the problems went away. So I came to the conclusion it was GPU so it got sent away to get fixed. However I wanted my 690 back into my main pc so I put in a 560ti into this computer. Then all of a sudden the computer only under load will instantly shutdown, it will then try and reboot with only about 30% success rate. So then I thought overheating issues so I loaded up speedfan along with heavens benchmark and with nothing maxing over 60c it then just shutsdown. There is no bios warnings such as overclock (which it isnt), power surge or anything else. I tried to look through event viewer and can only find "the computer unexpectedly shut down" and no other signs of drivers crashing or anything. Tomorrow I will be trying a fresh OS along with ANOTHER nvidia GPU, however I would like to try and keep this PC on the existing hdd as it has a lot of paid software that I would hate to lose it. Suggestions are much appreciated.
  9. Oh I should also mention that while I am 3.3km's away from the exchange my mate is 5km's from the same exchange. So unless they are going to add a crap ton more node's then I doubt either of us will have fun with FTTN.
  10. I cant speak about the East coast, however in the west you cant drive between one city to the next with out drop outs. So if you plan on staying in Sydney sure it may be worth it but in WA you might as well get a fire going cause smoke signals are going to be a more reliable form of communication.
  11. A poor Australian giving my opinion and information about FTTH vs FTTN. I live in a very wealthy city fucked over by Telstra to the point where my nearest exchange is 3.3km's away and has been considered overloaded for about 4 years. I worked for a company that provided internet and one of our suburbs exchanges was actually full and 1/10 of that suburb were denied wired access to ADSL or ADSL2 since they didn't have any ports on the exchange and were forced to try alternatives such as 3g, 4g or satellite, 2 months after rolling out 3g (2 years ago) it was also considered overloaded to the point where dial-up was actually quicker during peak hours. While FTTN is an alright alternative in dense cities, our more spaced out ones are HEAVILY affected to the point where I doubt FTTN is going to see anywhere near close to the benefits the liberals are suggesting. We are praying that we are given the luxury of paying $2000 to get a dedicated fiber line to our property since we know that if FTTH doesn't happen in our city it will be a major selling point on our property in years to come. Also to mention the best speed result to date on ADSL2+ is 8mbps with 1mpbs up. However recently about 4 hours a day for the last 4 months I have been getting 25% packet loss and noticeable throttling on streaming platforms even though we have not meant our internet shaping quota.