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    I repair and sell PS3's mainly. If you need a part I have it or can get it. Or if you have any questions about PS3's I will gladly do my best to answer them. I am interested in computer hardware and IT.
  1. MBisFrenchy

    Intel NUC Giveaway

    Good luck everyone!
  2. MBisFrenchy

    HTC M9 Rumoured Specs

    I currently have a M7 and am going with a droid Turbo next. Only plus to having VZW as your carrier. I agree camera should be much better if it is available. Though by far the worst camera's I have used on a phone have been past Motorola smart phones.
  3. MBisFrenchy

    Phantom Glass

    Yes I agree, but i am referring to the protection from this brand vs a generic one like you find on ebay. To see if the price difference is worth it.
  4. MBisFrenchy

    Mineral Oil Submerged PC Build Log Part 2

    Thanks, I guess Sunday or Monday then by your logic.
  5. MBisFrenchy

    Holiday 2014 Buyer's Guide - Full Component List

    Sorry will fix it.
  6. MBisFrenchy

    Have any of you actually won a tech giveaway?

    Original iPad Case, but I had no iPad.
  7. MBisFrenchy

    Tech Confession Time!

    I bought a XEON PHI for 5110P for a build and was stupid enough to put up my own cash to buy it for a build that fell through. Long story short I got stuck with the card and the bill. A card which is useless to me pretty much.
  8. MBisFrenchy

    Worst Tech mistake you have ever made?

    I regret getting a Brand New XEON PHI 5110P for a build for someone that never was completed as they ran out of funding after a few parts were purchased which they wanted. I got stuck with a 2K card that is useless to me that I paid for. Still sitting in its original box still. I have no use for it. Right now on Newegg it is 2202. For now on I get payment in full for parts before building. This really pisses me off seeing the box.
  9. MBisFrenchy

    PC Problems you live with

    Incredibly long boot time 3-4 minutes after switching to Seagate SSHD after my WD Black started to fail. WD Black was only 2 min on average, but after the transfer process something seems to have gone wrong.
  10. MBisFrenchy

    What's the Oldest Hardware in Your System right now?

    Mouse pad that is crumbling on the bottom from over 10 years ago.
  11. MBisFrenchy

    Musk and Tesla take over Nevada

    Can't wait for the model E! X is delayed again which is understandable, but other companies are taking notice and want to join in the market.
  12. MBisFrenchy

    Phantom Glass

    Damn, these are expensive. I want to see some drop tests with a cheap iphone 4 or something to see how this compares to other brands and cheap ones you get on ebay.
  13. MBisFrenchy

    Mimo Smart Baby Monitor

    Cute, but doesn't apply to me. Was very nice to see the new addition to the family. Also I believe the part that parents are very susceptible to getting ripped off. I was thinking in the beginning if this helps with SIDS then maybe its worth it. Though you answered that in the review and too bad no trial period so your could return the tech at least.
  14. MBisFrenchy

    Holiday 2014 Buyer's Guide - Full Component List

    For option 3 I personally would go for a H220 or H220X, so eventually you could make a loop.
  15. MBisFrenchy

    Holiday 2014 Buyer's Guide - Full Component List

    For the second option I would rather use a 200R $50 and currently 10MIR on newegg. Or if you want a gaming PC looking case that is not discrete the Corsair Spec-01 $50