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  1. Hello, I just finished building my computer a little over a couple of weeks ago now and I was wondering if anyone knows where the USB header for the Corsair H100i cooler goes on this mobo? I was able to plug in all the other headers for the cooler and it seems like the water pump is working as well as the fans. The only thing not plugged in is the usb header which I assume controls the fan speeds. Anyone else have any experience with this combo? I want to turn down the fan speed of the fans on my reservoir because they're just so freaking loud. I have no access to control those fan speeds, I'm assuming until I can get that usb header in. Thanks and Happy New Year!.....hopefully monkaS
  2. Hello, I basically replaced my mobo, cpu, and ram recently but all my other parts are the same from my old pc. Im having a hard time to getting my mobo to launch my two Samsung 840 256gb ssds in raid 0. When I try to create an array it only recognizes one of the ssds but not the other. Both SSDs are found but when it comes to creating an array it won’t recognize the second ssd. Anyone have any ideas? Thank you for any help I can get. Update: I think it’s worse than I thought. The storages are recognized but when I go to boot option #1, the only thing I can select is windows boot manager (amd-raid 2). I’m stuck and have no idea what to do at this point .
  3. Hello Everyone, I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations on what 4k 43"-50" display to buy. My budget is also $500 max but I can be a little flexible within that and as long as it doesn't pass that mark by a ton then it should be ok. I was looking to get a display to act as an overhead display to compliment my dual monitor set up. I want to primarily use this display for movies, youtube, twitch, general screen real estate. I have been looking into these televisions but I honestly have no idea which ones are good or not because this is my first time shopping for a TV. The most important thing is picture quality! It will also spend most of its time in my home office that I spend most times both with the light on and light off. If any of you have more questions that I need to answer to help me please don't hesitate and let me know!! THANK YOU!!! https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07NC8X2Z6/ref=twister_B07NW6L27K?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1 https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07N4KZ3C9/ref=twister_B07NW2PJ2V?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1 https://www.amazon.com/Hisense-50H8F-50-inch-Ultra-Android/dp/B07NZV24YQ/ https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07PQ96G5J/ref=twister_B07NHXYXY6?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1 https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07S7YLRJR/ref=twister_B07XC3NMS2?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1
  4. Also any recommendations for taking my pc to somewhere reliable to get it fixed I’m from Cali more specifically LAish area
  5. Hello everyone, So recently I tried to overclock my i5 4690k with my h100i pro cooler on an ASUS maximus vi formula motherboard. I also have 2 250gb samsung 850 evo running in raid 0 1tb HDD (which was my old first hard drive that i used and just left it in my pc since I had the space) 2tb hdd for storage stuff like movies and documents I will try my best to list out every step that I took. I first downloaded the drivers from asus's website to update the bios to its latest drivers. Then I got my usb drive converted it to FAT32 format so that I could download the update for my motherboard. I then proceeded to go into the bios and update. After updating I went into the bios again and used the bios's recommended Gamer's OC Profile. Once I restarted and saved all my settings my computer hits me with the CPU error message. I then proceed to go back into the bios and set the cpu fan speed control from 600rpm --> ignore as I have heard this helps the issue and it did. But then all of a sudden I was getting a message saying that my operating system wasn't found. I then tried going into bios again and when I went into the ASUS EZ flash 2 utility and noticed now none of my drives were being recognized in that menu. I then decide to enter into ROG SSD secure erase to see if my SSDs just weren't being recognized and I find both of my SSDs in there but their status's say they're frozen. I then try to reset my launch drive or BBS i think it was called to one of my SSDs and the second option as the other SSD. They both have the same amount of GB so I assumed it recognized that they were running in RAID 0 at least. When my PC launched I was hit the same message saying that there was no operating system found. I then went into bios again and saw an option i didn't see before saying windows boot manager (P1:ST1000DM003-1CH162) which maybe I'm assuming is my old 1tb hdd that I used to use as my main driver back in the day. So I tried doing that and for some reason it worked but the scaling was all out wack like as if I was booting into safe mode. While I logged back in everything that I had on that old HDD booted exactly the way I left it. I then go into windows explorer to see that my SSDs were there and recognized with my other 2tb HDD and all the information was the same in terms of what was in them and stuff like that. (Meaning that the XXX GB used/ XXX GB I had left was the same). So now I have no idea what to do at this point. Please any help would be wonderful. This new PC build has been giving me many headaches lately lol. Also idk how significant this informaiton is but my SSDs in the BBS priorities are labeled as P3 and P5.
  6. Ok thank you so much for helping me out. I also had another question. If I end up needing to upgrade my cpu to a i7 4790k, should I upgrade my ram too? Here is my info for RAM atm: 16bg ram (4x4) DDR3 at 1333mhz. (which is what my task manager is saying)
  7. Would upgrading the cpu affect my motherboard? I'm afraid that I would have to upgrade motherboard if I upgrade cpu. I honestly just need a pc thats good with games and can stream on my other 1080p 60hz monitor. I don't exactly have to run them both at the same time but that would prob be the most I would demand out of my pc. Im not even sure if my motherboard because it is kind of old now would have any newer or more powerful cpus that I could upgrade to.
  8. Hmm I see. That would make a lot more sense. Would buying a new motherboard be necessary for upgrading to a better cpu be neccesary if overclocking my cpu doesn't end up working? I'm still new to pc building so I have no clue if there are better cpu by intel that support lga 115x motherboards.
  9. Hey guys, So recently I just upgraded my rig from a gtx 970 to a 1080ti. This is the rig: i5 4670k @3.5ghz H100i cooler ASUS Maximus VI Formula 16gb Ram (4x4) MSI DUKE 1080ti 2x 250gb Samsung 850 evo in raid 0 Monitor 1440p 144hz So I really cannot understand why I'm getting the same amount of fps with my 1080ti as my gtx 970. I was getting 130 fps average with some wild dips frequently on my 970 with low settings and even with the 1080ti on low settings my frames are just about the same with not so frequent but noticeable frame dips. Is this normal or bad? Should I be concerned? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  10. Hello Everyone, I'll try to be as descriptive as I can with the situation I am going through right now. My previous rig about a week ago has been the same rig I have been working with for the past 2-3 years. That rig was running: NZXT Phantom Case FULL size case Intel Core i5 4670k Maximus VI Formula Motherboard GTX 970 4x4gb Hyperx Fury RAM Corsair CX500 2 x 250GB SSD Samsung 850 EVO 2 TB HDD Seagate? Not sure I then bought a few parts to upgrade my pc RIG. The new parts that I purchased were: GTX 1080ti thermaltake 850W 80+ Gold PSU NZXT h500i (thinking about getting an AIO or just another CPU cooler tomorrow because my hyper 212 cooler is missing one of the corners of the cooler and that's probably really unsafe) This is the second time that I have put together a PC on my own and the second time around was worse than my first since I was a bity rusty on what to do and where to put what. I watched a person on youtube put together a build with this motherboard so I could get an idea if I was doing things correctly. It seems everything was great and the build looked pretty good. Then I plugged in the rig and tried to boot it up. The PC had started up with all the fans except two fans (one of the front fans that I had plugged into one of the motherboard fan (input?) for the motherboard and the fan for the CPU cooler weren't working. Those two fans were the same fans that I transferred over from my old rig to the new rig. The GPU seemed fine but the fans weren't running so I wouldn't be able to tell. So everything seems to be working fine but nothing was showing up on my monitor. It seemed like it wasn't even responding to the fact that my comptuer booted. I then proceeded to try most of the problem shooting that are on most forums and still no luck. Same result every time. ( I realize the one thing I haven't tried was plugging in the monitor to my motherboard. I will try this tomorrow) I am now trying to take it apart and start from the beginning again with the build and see if that works tomorrow. As a side note my pc was working perfectly fine a week ago with the previous rig until I put together this new one. Please post any comments or suggestions on what you all might think. I'm gonna keep trying different methods as there are a lot of different methods to trouble shoot, so I will continue tomorrow since it is late for me now. Hope this was enough information. If there are any more I should include please let me know. Thank you!
  11. Just a quick question though. I feel as though 850 watts is too much no? I went to pc part picker and all my components came out to 382W. Thats with the new 1080ti accounted for.
  12. Im in the US and it seems even cheaper for us at $79.99. So maybe I may as well pull the trigger on this. Our msrp is priced at $149.99 So this really seems like a good option.
  13. Are there any PSU you would recommend? I think once I commit to buying new PSU and GPU. I'm just going to go with buying a new case too then.
  14. Do you mean it isn't the best? Sorry I just want to clarify
  15. Hello Everyone, I'm looking to upgrade my PC since I recently picked up a 1440p 144hz monitor. I usually play Overwatch and having the 144hz has been great, but there are many times where I would notice my frames even at the lowest settings with my GTX 970 dip as low as 40 frames sometimes. With that being said my main part to upgrade would probably be towards a 1080ti since I heard that should be more than adequate. (Also since I heard 2080s or 2080ti's are not worth their value right now) I was also wondering if I should also upgrade any other components right now since it is Black Friday/Cyber Monday this weekend. I'm looking to play some Triple A titles as well like Anthem or hopefully for a later release for a PC version of RDR2 at reasonable settings. I don't expect max settings @60+ fps, although it would be nice if it could lol, but reasonably high settings. I also do open multiple tabs open for maybe watching twitch while waiting in between rounds of Overwatch. (but not anymore since my game suffers incredibly if I do) Here are my current specs: Dual Monitor set up: Main Monitor (1440p 144hz) Second monitor (IPS 1080p 60hz) CPU: Intel Core i5 4670k @ 3.4ghz RAM: 16gb (not sure of clock speeds or name of them though lol) GPU: EVGA SSC GTX 970 Motherboard: Maximus Formula VI PSU: Corsair CX 450 (Bronze I think?) Storage: 2 Samsung 860 Evo in raid 0 (256gb each) Components I may want to upgrade: CPU: Intel Core i5 8600k Motherboard: Not sure what Z-series board I would get because I don't know anything about shopping for Motherboards GPU: GTX 1080ti (probably the MSI red version) Case: Define R6 I don't know if there are any other components worth mentioning, but these are all the components I have at the moment. I am talking to someone as of right now to try and buy a MSI GTX 1080ti. Gonna try to get it for $570 but it seems like it's going to stick at $600. Any words of advice would be of huge help. Whether it's to upgrade or not to upgrade please let me know! If parts are adequate or not good enough please also let me know! I am not too knowledgeable about this stuff so anything helps. Thank you all and Happy Thanksgiving!