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  1. Hi guys I'm wanting upgrade my GPU from a HD7870 to a Nvidia 780 and I don't think my 550 PSU will cope. I'm wondering if I should get a bigger PSU to cope with the 780 and if so whats a good brand/model that has long Mother board cables, relativity quite and at least 80 plus. I wont be going SLI in the future. Thanks guys. Current System i5 4670K @ 4Ghz Asrock H87 Fatality Performance ATI HD7870 16G (4 x 4) 1866 RAM 2 TB Seagate Baracuda 128G SSD Samsung 840 Pro Blueray Burner Case NZXT Phantom Full case Thermaltake 3.0 Water Performer (2 Fans 120mm Closed loop) OCZ 550 Fatality PSU
  2. The killer nic may give improvements but its on the scale of milliseconds and you may not ever notice that improvement.
  3. If you don't use more then 8gigs total then you will suffer a tiny bit but if you feel that you will use the extra 4 then it will help with higher ram usage.
  4. From what I've seen the 8350 has to be overclocked to beat the 4670 in many cases in benchmarks. But if you overclock the 8350 it should beat the 4670 in most cases. To achieve this you may have to pay extra for water or air cooling and maybe have a nosier system. So there are something to think about. I personally have upgraded from a A10 5800K to the 4670(k) and on stock clock I'm very impressed so you should get similar feeling about the non k 4670.
  5. OS & Game/Dxtory are on SSD Samsung 840 Pro, DXtory records to 2 7200 rpm drives in raid 0.
  6. Sorry for the title but not sure how to describe in so few words. I do youtube videos of FTB minecraft and I'm looking into showing myself in a lower corner as I'm doing the video similar to what you might see in cudepie(not sure about his name). Some decent enough to do the job. Thanks guys.
  7. If I was you I would delete from channel and re-upload. Then youtube crawler will look it again. It should do better as search ranking are more forgiving on new uploaded then they are of older ones with no views.
  8. Hey guys I do FTB modded minecraft videos or youtube and I'm getting quite a few subs but unfortunately while recording with dxtory I sometimes it dip below 30 fps and with a rare noticeable lag tear. I have a couple questions related to upgrade the CPU/Motherboard. 1. Will the I5 4570(not K) help with the fps dips 2. Could I see better performance in Adobe Premier cc 3. The mother board I'm looking at should i get more expensive one or will it do. What I have now. Asrock http://www.asrock.com/mb/AMD/FM2A75M-DGS/ AMD A10 5800K ATI MSI 7870 OC Twin Frozer Corsair Fatality 550 80plus 2x4gigs G Skill 1866 What I was looking at i5 4570 http://www.pccasegear.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=187_1490&products_id=23493 ASRock B85M-PRO4 http://www.pccasegear.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=138_1491&products_id=23621 Thanks guys
  9. The only games I've had difficulty with are the ones I had issues with in vista
  10. Hi guys, I currently have a raid 0 setup with 2x320 drive And I use it for game recording and video editing. The drives are sata 2 and are one to two years old. I'm afraid if one or both die I'm stuffed. Could you guys suggest some new drives, perhaps a raid (*) with striping and back up? Thanks.
  11. Thanks for that new calculator site, this one let me select my A10-5800K cpu and showed me some examples psu i could buy.