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  1. far enough your right, it probably does and I had my mom test my blood suger a couple of times, she ALWAYS worried about me getting diabetes, although as an adult I very rarely eat any suger now so that worry is no longer an issue, and yeah I hated it. and diabeties effects your nerves so that makes it even worse. I was just being kind of a jerk I apologize
  2. pshh I give myself injections in my leg muscle once a week, its not that hard. as for blood testing its often a life or death situation if you have diabeties basically you get used to it.
  3. hmm well the internets an interesting place then right ? Ive met people who have literal feelings for animals, its all cool. you do you
  4. ah don't worry I understand your trying to keep a private situation private no worries and yes it was intentional
  5. Hey I think I know what your asking so allow me to explain. Remember consent is key, unless your is Okey with you going out with another persion, that maybe an issue, but more importantly communication is key, gotta make sure your both on the the right lane so to speak. Does that help
  6. Hey!, I'm glad people have started posting again! Anyways hi I'm a 31 year old transwomen, I started transitioning in 2018, and my best advice is to just do what feels natural, you not going to figure out your sexulity or gender identity in one day, I didn't it took me almost 30 years lol.
  7. I have arthritis so Im really cant be stingy with thw thermastat less I want to suffer. i where a lot of wool socks and will even wear gloves while gaming
  8. your parents have the right to say no,pcs arent cheap here in The u.s I imagine they arent in kuwait. If you really want one work hard, save up and get good grades. Maybe they might change their minds
  9. Im new to destiny 2 is removing the story bad ? or does it even matter ?
  10. Im sorry that cant be fun. Anyway to get out of that situation ?
  11. I carry my wallet in mh purse like most women. Im considering a more secure location for my cards though.
  12. yeah I'll pass I have poor depth perception and I just built my new computer I cant afford another ryzen
  13. I found some old orange essential oils, which is useless stuff, but it works well as a deterrent my cat really dislikes that smell, so I rubbed it on the cords he usually chews and the fan filter on top and it works ! I wasent very fond of the idea of spraying my cat with water especially around my computer.
  14. Thanks for clarifying, I understand now. I personally need to get my cat to stop chewing on cords, its not safe and its really expensive to replace.
  15. Ive owned cats all my life, please dont tell how to train a cat. Ive done my research and I know what Im talking about. And they arent hard to train. But cats arent dogs and you should not treat them as such.