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  1. I currently have a GTX 950. The reason I want to upgrade to a Polaris card is that it would enable me to actually consider buying a better monitor for a better gaming experience with things like FreeSync, 144hz and 1440p instead of the current non-adaptive 60hz 1080p I have going on.
  2. olbaze

    Razer Hate

    Lots of people who had products with quality issues Razer Synapse. Changing from Cherry MX to Kailh on their keyboards and raising the prices Re-releasing products with RGB and retiring the non-RGB models Re-releasing the DeathAdder about 700 times with minor changes each time Re-releasing the Diamondback as an overpriced mouse. The RGB mousepad Most recently, a 400$ graphics card enclosure for the Blade Stealth Mind you, Razer isn't all bad: DeathAdder is a good mouse if it doesn't break. Goliathus is a good mousepad. Razer Blade is pretty good for the price. Cortex is a neat piece of software. I hear that Comms is also good.
  3. Looking at them, at least the Nixeus and Tt use Kailhs. The AULA sure seems to claim to use Cherries, but looking at the pictures I don't think so. Plus, the pricing would leave very little to spend on the actual keyboard. Look at places like WASD Keyboards selling Cherry Switches at 1.50$ a pop.
  4. Not if you go for the G810? Only the 910 and 410 have the weird keycaps.
  5. At that price? Go for it. It's an excellent palm grip mouse.
  6. The booklets that come with a keyboard are written pre-release and they stay the same pretty much throughout the entire lifespan of the device. I would wager that they tried the firmware route, only to discover that something about it wasn't up to their expectations and thus decided to scratch that idea.
  7. Don't be so hasty, they are clearly not the same keyboard: Tizona has a detachable numpad and Kailh switches. Excalibur is a fullsize keyboard with Kailh switches. Colada is a Cherry MX keyboard with an aluminum housing. Lobera is basically an Excalibur with extra functionality and a built-in wrist rest
  8. Honestly, I'm not even sure that this keyboard is out yet: The only references to it are on Tesoro's own website There is no driver software for it Their most recent Press Release about a keyboard is the Lobera Spectrum in 2015. They were showcasing the Lobera Spectrum and Tesoro Elite at Computex 2015. Meanwhile, there is a driver for Colada Spectrum, but no mentions of its existence elsewhere. One thing I do kind of agree on is that their website is shit. Whoever is managing it is a lazy person, since all of the Buy Now links go to the same page, which is just a collection of links to search for "Tesoro" on various websites. Basically, if you want a detachable numberpad in RGB, you're shit out of luck.
  9. Looks like you're talking about the Tizona Elite RGB which actually does not mention anything about a customizable backlight in the spec. Note the difference to the description of the Tizona Spectrum which does mention customizable per key backlighting. So it's not actually false advertisement at all: They said it has RGB backlight, which it does. They never said anything about customizing it, you just assumed that it was customizable. In fact, here is someone asking about the backlighting on the keyboard on the Amazon page. Here is another question on Amazon about it, with even more detail. You didn't do your research and got burned for it. Sucks to be you.
  10. olbaze

    Good move?

    If you already have a backlit mechanical keyboard, literally the only reason to get a Strafe RGB would be for the RGB backlight. So do you think that's worth 130€?
  11. If I buy a wireless mouse, I don't really want to have a dock on my desk, that defeats the entire purpose of having it wireless in the first place. But it looks like they are improving on that. Wait a second! That looks like a charging wire, with an adapter and then a regular wireless receiver? Because if so, then I would like to know if you can plug the receiver straight into a USB on the PC. Because if so, then that would be pretty much exactly what I said above: a regular wireless dongle for the wireless part and a separate USB cable for when the battery runs out. As for the battery, the weigh sure seems promising, especially compared to something like a typical NiMH battery. I just worry about how well it's going to last. If you have to charge the mouse every single day, being wireless is kind of pointless.
  12. And this is what I don't understand about the whole "wireless" thing. Like, if you still have a longass wire from your computer to your desk, the only wireless part is what goes out of your mouse. And we already have a solution for that problem. Where's my gaming-grade wireless mouse that comes with a mini connector like a normal bluetooth mouse, along with an optional direct cable for charging? As for the mouse itself, it looks quite ugly. What's with the weird groove where the M1 and M2 buttons end? Also, I worry about this "lightweight construction". Batteries have a weight to them and we haven't really improved much on that recently. Considering Logitech's MSRP for other mice, I'd say this will go for 150-200€, which makes it a very niche product. And that's sad.
  13. I think you're confusing the EC with the FK. The EC is the ergonomic mouse, whereas the FK is the ambidextrous one. ZA is literally just an FK with a slightly different curvature on the top of the mouse, with the FK1/ZA11 and FK2/ZA12 sharing measurements and the ZA13 being smaller.
  14. olbaze


    Excuse me? What is placebo about the fact that someone's mouse doesn't work on a glass table? What is placebo about the surface of my table getting ugly wear marks on it due to using a mouse on it? What is placebo about my mouse moving faster and easier on a Func 1030 compared to a Razer Goliathus Speed?
  15. The fact that OP is using a right-handed mouse most likely means the hand he's missing is the left one. All of the gamepads that I have seen, such as the Razer Orbweaver or the Logitech G13 are left-handed. As for why they aren't making more mice like this: As someone pointed out, there is no market for them. The idea behind the Naga (mice with lots of side buttons) are copied because the MMO market is huge, with millions of players and the mouse actually makes sense for MMOs, where you will often have WASD for movements, mouse for camera control and something like 10+ skills that you are expected to be using constantly.