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  1. They don't have that one. The problem is that this is not just a computer store, they have loads of other things, so they don't have alot of different products. Thanks for the help tho. Will ask if they are getting Tomahawk MAX soon or I will try to find something similar that they have.
  2. They have it in certain stores in my country, but not in one I'm buying. I'm buying here because I'm getting a big discount, so no point in buying somewhere else...
  3. Thanks for the ram info. I know about Tomahawk MAX, but unfortunately they don't have it yet and don't know when they will get it... :(
  4. So there would be no issues with ram compatibility? I've searched for a few motherboards but in the QVL there aren't any 3200mhz cl16 rams or at least those that are affordable and avaliable
  5. I don't want to get 2600. As far as I know, majority of boards support 3rd gen ryzen with bios update
  6. Hi, I'm getting Ryzen 3600. I was supposed to get MSI B450 Tomahawk, but now they are out of stock, so I would like to know which motherboard in that price range should I get. I was looking at B450 Mortar, but I don't want a mATX. I will also be getting 3200mhz ram (G.SKILL Ripjaws V or Crucial Ballistix Sport LT Gray), both are CL16 and can't afford CL14. So the motherboard has to support one of this two rams. Also I'm not getting Tomahawk at a different store as I will be getting a discount at this one. Thanks
  7. Hi, i was checking my cpu temps and saw my cpu was hitting 100c as soon as i ran almost any game. First off, everything is stock, i didnt overclock and i dont intend to. In bios i saw that cpu vcore showed 1.39v and after some digging i updated the bios. Now vcore in bios says 1.192v and system keeps crashing after 1 minute in windows. Please help me. Motherboard is Gigabyte z97x gaming 3 and bios is updated to F7
  8. sparkeeh

    Asus VS278H

    Is it worth getting this monitor for 60€? Currently i have an 10 year old 22 inch 1680x1050 monitor. Please don't recommend any other monitors, because i'm not generally interested in getting a new monitor. I'm just wondering if it's worth getting it for such a low price. Thanks
  9. thanks for the replies, i will probably go with 1660 ti
  10. 590 is same price as 580, as i said before well amazon.it has same prices as stores im looking at... so i guess i should go for 1660 ti?
  11. My budget is max 300€... RTX 2060 is around 450€, Vega 56 is 400€, 1070 Ti is 480€... I don't get whats wrong with RX 590 if its the same price as RX 580? Slovenia, prices are very weird... Don't want to order from another country.
  12. RX 580 cost same as RX 590, want a bit better than RX 570...
  13. My graphics card just broke and I need a new one. I was looking at GTX 1660(260€), GTX 1660 Ti(300€) and RX 590(290€), brand doesn't really matter I guess. I just want to know which card is best bang for the buck, is there enough of a difference between normal and Ti version, to justify 40€. Don't play new AAA games so you don't need to worry about my setup. Thanks