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Everything posted by AluminiumTech

  1. AluminiumFlexTM








    My Christmas present came early.


    I almost went Gold coloured aluminium but it was too rose-champagne gold for my taste.


    This is a space grey series 5 LTE. Even tho Three won’t support LTE on it until 2020

    1. Den-Fi


      Good, good.

      Best watch.

    2. AluminiumTech


      The always on display is cool.

  2. I’m proud of you Lester :).



  3. Aluminium is now a wounded puppy dog after yesterday’s vote.

    1. ARikozuM


      Good luck. The whole world is about to get ass-backwards. 

    2. AluminiumTech
  4. I got bad news friends. GTAO Diamond Casino Heist there's no way you can get all the money without 3-4 people total.


    Forget trying it with 2 people total.


    So basically it's a big scam.

  5. This is a big joke.


    The payout is worse than we thought by a long shot.




    this is the Diamond Casino Heist Aggressive approach 2 people cash target.

  6. You’re probably gonna be bombarded with these messages today but it’s voting day in the UK for UK nationals.


    1. Silentprototipe


      Skrew that noise GTA's Casino heist is more important

  7. image.png.25a05fc5dd57168f834916411af5b1a2.png


    Ooooh. Shiny  😍

    1. AluminiumTech





    2. MEC-777


      Thanks for reminding me to install this. ;) 

  8. Dear SNCF,

    kindly go fuck yourselves.


    Sincerely EuroStar customers.



  9. Haha nerds.


    Yeah Boizzzzz


    32GB RAM is beautiful.



    this is on the 4C 8T 3550H laptop.

    1. Pascal...


      You're running Ubuntu on the Laptop but not on the Desktop ?

    2. Windows7ge


      I'll see your 32GB and raise you 512GB




      I shouldn't actually share this it's a bit of a depressing moment...


  10. Aluminium was scammed.


    Aluminium sad.


    Aluminium purchased a 4TB 2.5 inch HDD Seagate Barracuda Compute Drive (Consumer drive).


    Instead what arrived was a Seagate OEM 4TB HDD which was over 1cm thick.


    Thankfully Amazon are happy to refund it.


    Now it’s time to go find what I wanted but from a different seller.

  11. Unfortunately it looks like in the UK it sold out on Steam so UK peeps will need to buy one off a 3rd party. Found some on Amazon starting at £37.95 used or £70 ish new. what a scam.
  12. Purchase Complete 😛.




    Meanwhile the employees at Amex are probably like wtf is this guy buying. 😄

  13. This week is a bad week.


    First there’s the strikes going on at Uni.


    And now City Council is playing games with people’s ability to use Postal voting by not sending postal votes on time to People who are likely to vote for Labour or Lib Dem. 


    What a sham. City council I thought you were better than this. -_-

  14. *Tries to sing* I don’t care at all........ I am lost....


    Money Heist stuff in Rainbow 6 Siege until 25th November. Also Rainbow 6 Siege Free Weekend.






    1. veldora


      We happy few lookin ass y defend that

  15. I’m super broke.


    Like mega super duper broke.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Murasaki


      ain't even Christmas shoppin time yet yo

    3. Silentprototipe


      But are you $20 broke xD 

    4. AluminiumTech


      @Silentprototipe At one point this past week I did have less than $20, yes.

  16. Don’t ask me why one of my villagers is becoming suicidal.....





    Perhaps he’s trying to withdraw from the European Union

    1. OlympicAssEater


      Is that you? 

    2. Pascal...







    I need all the internets to be able to download things.

  18. Oh no.......


    The Linux Foundation has gone woke. Here's to hoping they go broke as well.




    Edit: It looks like the YouTube link isn't being embedded properly.

  19. I got a sneak peak at stuff customers in stores rarely ever see .


    The employee at the local store screwed up and the Ethernet cable plugged into the card reader fell out cos they tried moving the card reader too far away from the stand.


    The card reader, which in this case is made by Ingenico, threw a fit and decided to reboot itself.


    During which time I saw some interesting but scary shit. 

    For one, the card readers are using a proprietary OS with the most potato CPU and ram ever although I don’t know how little ram there is (probably less than 128MB) or how bad the CPU is (probably worse than the CPU in Ti84 calculators).


    For two, the card reader was running the 2017 version of Ingenico’s OS . Not a newer version. This doesn’t surprise me considering not a lot of retailers seem to update their Card readers (Read: This is why it’s hard to find stores which accept Apple Pay or Google Pay above £30) but this situation is still quite bad. Especially considering these devices connect to the internet every time there’s a transaction.


    Three, I know not everybody is into tech or whatever but come on. People who work with equipment should know how to use it properly and quite often the people who work with card machines in their job have no idea how they should use them. Even to the extent that this person tried to tap my Coop card (not a bank card) onto the card reader before realising that wasn’t going to work.


    I don’t even know anymore.

    1. Pascal...


      Probably more than 99 % of the people working in retail are tech illiterate, imo.

  20. By the way, here’s my contribution to Team Trees.



  21. Not gonna lie,  new 16 inch MBP is super sexy especially that NAVI gpu :D.

    1. OlympicAssEater


      But the price Apple slap on 😅

  22. Hello Performance xD.

    Now I really have a fast car. Dw I changed the colour from Orange to Sea Green and fully upgraded it.




    We did a drag race at the LS airport and it beat out @Silentprototipe’s Raiden (Model S knockoff):D which is impressive considering not much else can beat the acceleration of a Raiden let alone match it.


    As we were saying the only real problem with the cyclone is it’s a 2 door so you can’t take the guys with you in it, which is where Raiden is superior cos it’s a 4 door.


    Notes: 80% discount applies to Twitch Prime people only.

    1. Silentprototipe


      Raiden will be back with some very mean tires soon just you watch 

    2. will4623


      what game?

    3. Silentprototipe


      @will4623 GTA V Online 

  23. I have a new record for how late I’ve gone to bed.


    5 am. 




    My body tried to fight it so badly.

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    2. Cyberspirit


      @veldora The good ol' days. Am I right, fellow boomer?

    3. Murasaki


      Yup I remember good ol WoW days where i survived with intermittent 2-3 hour naps between a few days. Now my eyes hurt after 5am approaches. I'm getting older and its very noticable. @Cyberspirit ok boomer

    4. veldora



  24. The 1070 is there in the graphs. It just performs about 1 fps faster than the RX 580