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  1. Nope. At 50% volume my laptop sounded 2x louder on the headphones than my desktop at 50%.
  2. Cool . GOG was awesome before this and now they’re even more awesome.
  3. Thanks much in advance



  4. Hi, On my desktop I’m having issues driving headphones using onboard sound from the motherboard. I’m using Bluetooth headphones right now, specifically the Sennheiser HD 4.40 BT. The max volume is not incredibly loud on my desktop. Various laptops I’ve used and phones drive the headphones much better and are able to play music at louder volumes. I’m soon going to be changing headphones to the Sennheiser HD 450BT and I’d like to try to get this issue sorted out. What should I get to solve this issue? My budget for any solution is probably £60-70 at most. Forgive me in advance, I am a complete noob with sound cards, dacs, amps, etc.
  5. Waiting 3 days for “permission” to unlock my F1, again, is kinda depressing.


    Going back to LineageOS + Fdroid with no google stuff on it.


    Question: Do I side load proprietary apps I rely on and have on my iPhone?


    I was thinking no cos it goes against the spirit of what I’m trying to do.

  6. Netflix hates me rn confirmed. 🤣



  7. I wish I was making this up but apparently this is a thing now.


    I've blacked out all the photos of the children appearing in the AD and blacked out all the personally identifiable information.


    What I think would be fitting as a Caption: Do you have a license to get on the bus?





    TL:DR: One of the big bus companies will now be encouraging their employees to take DNA evidence of you if you "physically or verbally abuse them" and they're going to snitch on you to the Police. This is happening in only 2 counties but it sets a very dangerous precedent.


    They haven't defined what counts as "verbal abuse" so saying something the driver doesn't like and getting arrested for it is something that could actually happen.

    1. vorticalbox


      I would assume the courts would decide if what you said was abuse. 

    2. vorticalbox


      On a side note some stagecoach drivers are terrible drivers, I genuinely fear for my kids sometimes. 

  8. So Xiaomi returned the device to me.


    Apparently they replaced the motherboard which included the SOC, RAM, and built in storage.


    And they reinstalled Mi UI 11 on it -_-

  9. The 560X probably comes in 896 and 1024 SP options for OEMs and so I'm assuming Asus chose the 896 SP one.
  10. I decided to do some super unscientific comparison between my AirPod Pros and my Sennheiser HD 4.40 BT headphones. Ignoring the ANC aspect of the memePods Pro for this comparison.


    The HD 4.40 BT feel much much harder to drive than the memePod Pros. You won't unlock the HD 4.40 BT's full potential without a decent soundcard.


    Bass is much more present on memePod Pros. HD 4.40 BT sounds much more natural and more clean neutral audio if that makes sense.


    https://music.apple.com/gb/album/you-know-my-name/1445292673?i=1445292676 - This song sounds completely different on both. On the HD 4.40 BT it sounds a hell of a lot more neutral and not bassy. On the memePod Pros it sounds quite a bit more bassy.


    Other songs you'll see a big difference on is:


    https://music.apple.com/gb/album/no-time-to-die/1498647640?i=1498647654 - This song is very quiet on the Sennheisers.


    https://music.apple.com/gb/album/extreme-ways-jason-bourne/1134740021?i=1134740298 - Night and day difference between AirPod Pros and the HD 4.40 BT. It's like listening to 2 different songs.


    And that's the overall theme I got: the HD 4.40 BT sounds warm, natural, earthy sounding. The memePods Pro feel like they're biased towards Bass, a little bit harsher sounding, and just generally easier to drive.

  11. Wow.


    Way to be a dick Sennheiser.





  12. I am somewhat confused right now.


    Who’s trying to send a DHL package to me?


    If that’s Xiaomi then that’s a little funny cos I sent it to them via Royal Mail and they’re sending it back via DHL which makes no sense.


    If it is Xiaomi then hopefully the F1 is fully repaired and all good.


    Hopefully they didn’t put Mi UI back on it cos that would be sad.

  13. The UK will still follow GDPR because it was written into UK law as The Data Protection Act 2018.
  14. So I now have a Genius Bar appointment for later today and I have to take the fastboi train to get there.