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  1. I looked up  the specs and found the ff: https://www.engadget.com/products/hp/compaq/6710b/specs/

    To highlight, CPU: Core2Duo T7500

    This would be either BGA or socket mounted, depending on the fancies of the manufacturer. An i5 6600K is physically incompatible with the unit, not to mention that we're talking about hardware that's around 10 years old.


    Depending on your use case a Thinkpad T470 may give you more mileage, unless you're programming for iOS. in that case a MacBook Air would be more useful.

    Addendum: This is the T470 that you're looking at, right?

  2. 3 minutes ago, JohnT said:

    No no. It's an enterprise version that was preloaded on the system before I purchased it from my surplus stock at work. Enterprise versions cannot be updated normally over the internet. We skipped Win 8 and 8.1 and went straight from 7 to 10 as most companies did. The IT people restored the PCs before surplussing which brought back 8.


    it's just literally not possible to update it

    If you know the KB numbers for the necessary updates, you can sideload them using the Microsoft Update Catalog (https://www.catalog.update.microsoft.com/Home.aspx).

  3. @flying_butt_pliers

    Dude from the Philippines here... We've got the same climate more or less...


    Will this PC sit in an air-conditioned room? If so, it's fine to build it as usual...


    If it's in an open air room, room orientation matters... You'd want to have your room with one door/window for intake and another for exhaust... Ideally, your PC will be exhausting outside the window so that the room doesn't end up turning into a sauna... What's more important is controlling the room temperature for this... (i.e. I only do my video rendering in the evening where it's 4C-10C cooler)


    As for cooling the CPU you can go with either an AIO with a 120mm rad (since you've got a non-K cpu and will most likely not reach dangerous temps from regular loading) or go with a standard tower cooler like the DeepCool Gammaxx 400 or the Cooler Master Hyper 212 as long as it fits in the case...


    Or you can just do what I did which is put up an industrial fan to blow all the hot air from my room out...

  4. 2 minutes ago, themctipers said:

    I have a GT 610

    Depends on purpose... Just need something to drive your monitors, 610 is fine... But playing modern games?? lolno

    2 minutes ago, Space Reptile said:

    its the GT line wich is a basic card for home and office use

    GTX line for games and other more challenging applications


    GT 10   GT 20    GT 30   GT 40 

    GTX 50 GTX 60 GTX 70 GTX 80 

    But does the average end-user know about it?

  5. 2 hours ago, Space Reptile said:

    why is the current gen of GPU coolers so horrible , the rx480 G1 gaming is awful , according to jays that thing is at 80c under load no matter what   , and the cooler is terrible at getting rid of the heat , exausting bearly any warm air while the backplate burns your finger  


    2 hours ago, kagarium said:

    amd always runs hot


    for as long as i can remember amd has always run hotter than an intel/nvidia equivalent


    Jay updated his statement in last week's TechTalk pinning the issue on Gigabyte's BIOS which makes the fan spin as slow as it can without reaching dangerous temps...


    just saying...

  6. 2 minutes ago, DeezNoNos said:



    I mean ANYTHING can be a gaming pc imma right.



    Well at least the price makes it worth the while. I could use it but i dont have 4k. i have 0k



    For people who dont know that pc is for US$40

    Same-spec PC sells for 90USD at my location... You have it easier...


    I've done dumpster diving before... not much to find other than completely wrecked parts...

  7. Apple's iOS 10 iMessage Is A Huge Mess: First There Was Porn, Now There Are Nazi GIFs

    Full Article: http://www.techtimes.com/articles/177855/20160916/apples-ios-10-imessage-is-a-huge-mess-first-there-was-porn-now-there-are-nazi-gifs.htm




    So, Apple's iOS10 Messenger has hit a snag when one of it's supposed features allowed users to send porn, and controversial memes. The feature lets users search and pull images and gifs from the internet for use in iMessage.



    Users were able to pull hardcore porn, for instance, when searching for images using keywords such as "huge" and "bounce" or phrases like "My Little Pony." This is in addition to the more direct terms and phrases that are sexual or linked to porn

    This is interestingly humorous imo... The feature was initially intended to open up iMessage to app developers through an API so that they can develop apps for iMessage in addition to iOS, but since this is the internet, we all know that porn will eventually pop up... Just not this soon...

  8. 6 minutes ago, Belgarathian said:

    I offered to help my flatmate buy a laptop, but he said he had it sorted from his sister's boyfriend for $100. This is what he came home with. xD





    He should tell his sister to break up with that man for selling him crap like that for 100USD... and he should be ashamed of himself for buying it for 100USD...