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    Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England
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    Gaming, YouTube, Tech, Military, PC's
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    Student&PC builder/enthusiast


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    AMD FX-6300
  • Motherboard
    ASUS M5A97 R2.0
  • RAM
    Kingston Fury Black Series 4GB 1866MHz
  • GPU
    MSI Radeon R9 280 3GB TWIN FROZR
  • Case
    BitFenix Neos ATX Tower Black/Gold Window
  • Storage
    Western Digital Caviar Green 1TB 3.5"
  • PSU
    Corsair CX500M 500W
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    Some TV from Tesco (I really need an upgrade)
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    Stock AMD cooler (Needs an upgrade)
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    Some X Rocker Gaming Chair
  • Operating System
    Windows 8.1
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  1. yeah im emailing PC World if they can replace it and if not its on to PNY since it comes with a 2 or 3 year warranty.
  2. Ok thanks for the suggestions, ill try to see if it will show up but i think that its completely dead i have just tried it 3 other cameras and on my phone with a OTG cable and it never showed up or ill have to see if i can get it replaced
  3. so yesterday i was trying out my new Nikon D3300 with a new PNY 128GB ELITE PERFORMANCE SD card in it took around 200 photos deleting some ect and it only stayed in the camera then i took another picture before putting my new toy down then a message popped up on the camera saying "This memory card cannot be used. Card may be damaged. Insert another card." so i put the PNY card into my laptop and it doesn't even show up at all not even in device manager or with a USB SD card reader. So i need help to recover my photos if possible and get the card to work again, if i cant ill have to get a replacement from PC World/Currys or PNY.
  4. Finally After months of saving money i have my gaming rig, yes its nothing special or glorious but it does well. it runs Heroes and Generals MAXED @ 60 FPS Flawlessly, War Thunder MAXED @ 50-60 FPS and world of tanks MAXED @ 40-60 FPS. 3D MARK FIRE STRIKE - 5777 GPU IDLE - 28-32 GPU LOAD - 48-62 UPGRADE LIST: Aftermarket AIO CPU cooler Second 4GB DIMM SSD Boot drive PCIe Capture Card PC PartPicker https://uk.pcpartpicker.com/b/tvCypg
  5. Taught it should work but you can never be to sure. Again thanks.
  6. If i connect a switch to a modem and have a router from the switch can I connect other devices to the router's Ethernet ports? I'm pretty sure it will work but just want to check. Also thanks for any help in advance.
  7. no I dont have the router in a rack but the patch panel is going to be installed in to a cable space and i would have used 2 4 port modular faceplates insted
  8. what for, the termination? also again sorry for the late reply
  9. Sorry for the late reply no I have not terminated before but my dad has so ill have to ask him about that and ill stick with cat5e and a patch panel thanks for the answer btw
  10. So my dad decided to switch ISP's from SKY to BT and he decided to get the BT Infinity 2 Unlimited package (Fiber Optic Broadband), im pretty sure they install FTTH (AKA FTTP). Before he decided to switch ISP I was planning to setup a home network because every device (two xbox 360's, two laptops, my tablet, a smart phone, SKY TV Box and an iPod) except our old 7/8 year old PC (what uses a Ethernet cable of some sort) is running on a 5 or 6 year old wireless G router what was provided by SKY, I don't know how the router hasn't set on fir or broken by now. The original plan was to use a switch from the router/modem leading to my dads xbox, my xbox and laptop also my soon to be built PC, all running over CAT5e cabling. But with BT having to come over and fit Fiber cable to a modem what has Gigabit Ethernet and sending us a new router what has wireless AC and 4 Gigabit Ethernet ports it meant that I will have to redo the whole plan sort of <_< . So my question is: Do I use Cat5e for a potential Gigabit connection or do I use Cat6 for a Gigabit connection? Also should I use a patch panel or a few modular faceplates? Any help as always appreciated tkx in advance