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  1. I would think that ,,to have an upgrade of processor and motherboard will be worth it for the 390x
  2. I had it watercooled,, I could not push it any higher on the bios 1,, I could push the clock on bios 2 and it idles at 40 degrees C on bios 2,
  3. hi,, It's 4 gb refference card from sapphire 947 Mhz
  4. If your system supports the 390x then I would think that your friends system cannot support the 390x
  5. hi guys,, recently i bought a used sapphire r9-290,, one of the bios setting was flashed to r9-290x bios,, I am hoping that somehow i could return it to its original bios,, on the first setting (near the IO area) i could not overclock the card,,on the second setting which i believe is the uber mode was flashed,, set to 1ghz,, adding as much as MHz ,the GPU will give me a blue screen or absolute lag while gaming can someone help me to bring/teach me how to flash the card to its original bios? or at least give me a link where I could flash my gpu,, i have downloaded a bios but I'm afraid to use the USB method,, I'm afraid to brick my card, I have been saving money for too long just to break it. thanks in advance guys
  6. thanks max,, ambient is about 23 or 24 degrees C, I'm using the included fan controller of the arc mini, most of the times its @ 7 volts,, but when I"m gaming I set it to volts which puts the fractal designs fans to 1200 rpm
  7. i just painted them flat black really...
  8. yes!!!! I guess I have not name it cheappy if it had expensive cpu on it...
  9. trade off,, if i have spent more on the cpu then i was not be able to purchase the used r9-290 with waterblock,, it was a bit of a bargain and i had to go for it,,
  10. i would really really really love to have a higher cpu,, but the budget would be an issue,,
  11. It's been a while since I posted my last build,, the original project cheappy was epic, but technology and games kept evolving and so I came up with a new build,, Hope you guys enjoy this.. Project Cheappy V2
  12. @ idle the gpu will be at around 36 degrees and the cpu would be at 29 degree ish,, when i ran furmark or unigine ,, i could get the gpu at 65 degrees but the cpu temp will hover around 37 to 45 degrees,, all fans @ 1200 rpm and the pump running on 12 volts,, EK dcp 4.0 i think the EK xtx 360 is about 11 fins per inch
  13. hi,, the card is not throttling at all,, maybe I was expecting a lot lower temp on the cpu and gpu when i decided to buy the 360 rad, but what i really was thinking if i could get it any lower
  14. Hi guys,, This thing has been bothering me for quite some time now,, I've been thinking of adding a 240mm rad on my build,, but I really don't want to change my tubing run, but my r9-290 is maxing @65 degrees when gaming,, now my question is,,, will there be a big difference in adding that 240 rad and sacrificing the clean run will be worth it? any ideas on how much of a difference there would be.. thanks in advance guys...