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  1. I'm in the market for a new phone right now and looking for an android phone specifically. While comparing the many phones available i have come across many different benchmark tests without very much information on what they measure, how much insight they have into everyday operation of the phone, or even how ubiquitous/standard they are. Which benchmarks if any should I take stock in? For reference I'm not really a power user when it comes to cell phones. I don't generally play games but I do watch a lot of video and do a decent amount of web browsing and would like to have my phone stay relevant for years to come. Thanks!
  2. It didn't work. Trying to find a rom for my exact model. looking bad. I may take it to the T-mobile store and see if they have a solution?
  3. Thanks I'm trying to flash it. I'll let you know how it goes. I cant download anything im installing apps by placing files on the phone with my pc.
  4. might have found it does "stock" as it came from T-mobile or direct from google?
  5. There is no copy of the stock ROM out there. Do you think it would work with a rom from an older genration of the same phone?
  6. I have an Alcatel OneTouch Evolve 2 on T-Mobile. I rooted the phone using KingRoot as suggested by this video. After rooting I removed some T-mobile Bloatware and all of the google play apps except for "services" and "store". After doing this I began to repeatedly recieve an error reading "Unfortunately, the process com.android.phone has stopped." after hitting "okay" the message reappears in about 5 seconds. I have tried resetting to factory default, unrooting, removing the sim card, clearing the cache and data for SIM toolkit and phone apps. After a hard reset the problem goes away until I turn on WIFI... Any suggestions?
  7. Bmanj

    Steam Account Deleted

    It has only happened to Steam and Steam support acounts. Nothing else. It would be a HUGE pain to backup the computer as it is shared.
  8. Bmanj

    Steam Account Deleted

    Yes I get steam Gaurd codes through my email. I have changed the password to my google account and do not know how someone else accessed my steam account.
  9. Bmanj

    Steam Account Deleted

    I think this person must still have my login information and changed it after I changed it. Maybe I am just logged out.
  10. Bmanj

    Steam Account Deleted

    I cannot wipe the system because I share it with other people in my house. I will try AVSCAN though. Thanks very much.
  11. Bmanj

    Steam Account Deleted

    Thank you guys so much. I will try all of those!
  12. Bmanj

    Steam Account Deleted

    On August 6th my account was logged into by someone other than myself. This person added $412 to my account using a credit card that I did not recognize. They then transferred the money to their account ("https://store.steampowered.com/..." Any website that does not match this pattern is a phishing website designed to steal your account information. Many phishing websites claim to be Steam forum posts or offer free Steam games or in-game items. They are often linked via chat or comments from an unknown user or a friend's account that has already been hijacked. The account will remain locked until you have completed the list above (in the order provided). Please notify us when you have completed the checklist. We will enable the account and reset your password." I had already completed most of the steps and responded within minutes. It has been eight days and I have gotten no response. Four days ago (on Friday) I filled out a second ticket detailing my problem just in case my previous ticket was accidentally marked as resolved or something. This morning I went to log into Steam and my account no longer exists. Steam support has not responded to my ticket and have closed the second one. Does anyone know what I can do from here? Is my account even recoverable at this point?
  13. depends on what services you want. do you want CPanel? somthing like WordPress pre-installed? security? I built and maintain a website for FRC team 1111 The Power Hawks. I would definitely recommend security as we decided not to pay for any and just got hacked last week.
  14. I see what you're saying and I respect them for following through with the game but the launch was still botched seriously and there is no way they didn't know it idn't run well when they launched it.