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    I am a heavily attached computer guy, been doing this thing for a while now, and I have acquired enough knowledge to do the most basic (and some more advanced) things with computers. Ask me anything, and I will answer as precise as possible.
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    Working as a computer guy for a shop.


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    i7 2600
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    Gigabyte GA-P67A-D3-B3
  • RAM
    Kingston HyperX 16GB 1600Mhz kit
  • GPU
    Zotac GTX580 (stock cooler)
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    Fractal Design Defien R4
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    2x HD103SJ 1TB and 2x Red 2TB
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    Chieftec 550W
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    Samsung 2443 and LG E2350V
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    Corsair H100 with two NF-F12 in pull
  • Keyboard
    Logitech G710+ with custom keycaps
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    Steelseries Diablo 3
  • Sound
    ASUS D2X

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  1. My username on Vessel: crispy Two most favorite videos (regardless of YouTube or Vessel); KLEVV memory https://www.vessel.com/videos/eUUJ3a1aM Because I like the fact that someone else also are entering the memory market, plus having the great report by Luke Illuminated I/O https://www.vessel.com/videos/MI7F0u2H8 I liked this one because Linus' enthusiasm around these mods is really bringing a mood to the video, plus it's an neat idea. Posted on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/kristoffer.selbekkhille/posts/870459233022384 (both links are in the same post) Posted on Twitter Vessel link: https://twitter.com/crispy345/status/580360921572331520 Forum thread link: https://twitter.com/crispy345/status/580361381779755008 Posted on Instagram https://instagram.com/p/0nMiIzOFt9/ (both links are in the same post) Good luck for every single one of you!
  2. "The almighty Linus has come to town! Get inside, everyone!"
  3. For really whoever wins, this would make for a great server. It's quiet, it's very small, and it can be relatively powerful if paired with the right components. Thanks Linus!
  4. Seems like a good idea to be honest. Should be a good tool for diagnosing network problems, wireless-ly.
  5. What I think is the best about the 9xx series are without doubt the beast performance, compared to the ultra-low power usage. +1 Nvidia!
  6. What I love about the Z2 is without doubt the overall look of it + the amazing battery life! I had a Xperia V, and while it lasted (cracked it a week ago sadly) it also, like the Z-series, showed Sony's ongoing great battery-life "technology" and especially the "Stamina"-mode. I have heard of dbrand before, and while I checked out their products, I really didn't take a closer look at the process behind. I watched the video and they really seem to be using very high-quality materials when making the skin, which is a big plus!
  7. Techquickie: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bfv9L8fVvr4 JayzTwoCents: Good luck to everyone!
  8. Meh, not that great. Also I guess more space for the "same" money is better. To me it seems like the back camera records in 4K, whereas the front camera records in 1080p? Or am I wrong?
  9. It's the sound system. Looks so goood for a laptop. Especially the subwoofer part. Love the subwoofer part.
  10. Thanks Jon! You are great. And Linus too.. Don't we forget Linus...
  11. http://www.tweaktown.com/news/37333/asus-shows-off-its-first-ssd-the-hyperxpress-ssd/index.html The ASUS Hyper Express is ASUS's new try at the SSD scene, with Kingston supporting them behind. It's made up by two tested with two Kingston mSATA SSD's in RAID 0, which will make this thing very fast. Although, as said in the article it might be changed over to M.2 SSDs in a future version. It will sport the SATA Express interface, coming to ASUS's motherboards very soon. Speeds are looking to be around in the 700Mbps area, though more is on the picture below. I think this is a interesting product by ASUS, nobody has really gone out with a something like it before (feel free to correct me), Two SSDs in one enclosure could make an awesome product. More info is in the link on top. Pictures by TweakTown; EDIT: Fixed some misunderstandings
  12. Looks like a very nice phone, though the best thing about it, on my side, is the dual-camera on the back! Looks to take some incredible stills and video!
  13. I am now reading the questions I answered after failing with 42 points, and I can't believe I missed some of them. I guess I should teach myself focusing when I'm doing stuff lol. Those printer questions were horrible too. SOOOO OUTDATED EDIT: Tried it again without looking at the previous answers I gave, got 58/80 yeah! This proves I have to concentrate