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  1. xxx4reggie

    Best upgrade for CPU: e5-1607 v3

    So found out my RAM is ECC so I'm limited to Xeon CPUs. Question is, which is the best bang for the buck for gaming? Help!
  2. Hello, I have a Dell Precision 5810 Tower that I got for a really good deal (almost free). Some specs that I know of in it are: 64GB RAM, couple SSDs (500GB), GTX1070, E5-1607 v3 CPU @3.10ghz I mainly play Division 2, Overwatch, Heroes of the storm (when bored) and Diablo 3 I want to upgrade the CPU as I believe that could be the bottleneck of the PC for me. What is the best gaming oriented CPU I can go with for this PC? I don't know the MOBO details yet, but it's stock Dell stuff. My budget is limited to 300 max (and that's kinda pushing it). I don't need to OC since the mobo is stock and the case isn't really going to help with airflow. And I will be passing this PC to my kiddo once I am ready to actually build a good gaming rig (which I will OC). Any recommendations guys? Let me know if I need to provide any more details.
  3. xxx4reggie

    Wireless Headphones/Headset (that lets you hear environment)

    lol, kids changed my entire gaming setup for my office! gone are the good days of raiding and fps shooters... however if I were back in the single days, no questions asked it would have been the senn rf195 (wireless is still my thing )
  4. xxx4reggie

    Wireless Headphones/Headset (that lets you hear environment)

    OK so did some checking on reddit and found some recommendations for the wireless with sidetone. after testing with the corsair, logitech turtle beach and one other, i honestly loved the logitech g933. the build quality rocks, crystal clear sounds when family is talking to me. best part is that when i walk far away and lose connection with the PC, the sidetone still works!! that was the deciding factor for me. i've been now using it for 2 days and couldn't be happier. don't care for the rgb lights so turning that off gave me another 2 hours of battery. highly recommend this headset if you are in my situation
  5. xxx4reggie

    Wireless Headphones/Headset (that lets you hear environment)

    I gave up and ordered the Logitech 933. I know it's not the best headset out there but since I've had experience with Logitech for so long, I know it will work. I'll try reddit to see if I get some help there. If I get some advice, I'll post it here for you if you are still looking for it too.
  6. xxx4reggie

    Wireless Headphones/Headset (that lets you hear environment)

    Damn... not a single reply. I guess no help here. Admins, you can delete this post
  7. So after breaking enough cables and USB parts of the headset because my kids needed me and I had totally forgotten I had headphones on (then ran to them) I think I'm done with wired headsets. They are awesome but for my needs they just don't work like I would like it to. I've wasted way too much money and by now have learned that wired is not for me. I then fell for the Logitech ones and I must say, the sidetone that it offers was awesome! I was able to hear the kids, talk to the wife and play games without needing to take the headset off, it was pretty damn great! Unfortunately the headset is so cheaply made that it breaks quick often, on my 3rd pair now and am just waiting for these to break too. So I turn to you guys for help. I need a headphone/headset that offers sidetone. That lets me hear the kids and wife clearly if they need me. My kiddos are 2 and 4 so I need to always be there for the little guys. I have searched and searched but besides Logitech, I can't find any other manufacture that offers me to hear the environment while enjoying the sounds of gaming or music. I have seen other threads here similar to my post but for me I have to have the 2 items: wireless and sidetone. My reasonable budget is $100 but if there is something really good that will last me years, $200 is fine by me. Please help!
  8. xxx4reggie

    AMD Polaris Giveaway

    currently have a gtx760. would be great to upgrade that plus never had an AMD gpu so I want to try that out
  9. xxx4reggie

    Water cooling Xeon E5-1607v3 - yay or nay?

    Ya, that's how it is currently.
  10. xxx4reggie

    Water cooling Xeon E5-1607v3 - yay or nay?

    Thanks guys for the replies: I have the case as best neat and tidy as possible with cables tucked away so in front all it is are the components. the fans from the front get fresh air directly to the cpu, i think thats the best i can do for this small case. for the gpus, they are as furthest as i could put them while being optimal. for gpu heat, i think thats it right? cant decrease it anymore? at idle its at 42-45, gaming is 75-80 so do I even need a fan then on my stock heat sink? or do I need to replace the stock for an aftermarket air one?
  11. Hi guys, I'm not a hardcore gamer but definitely a blizzard fan boy (don't kill me). Games I play are D3, WoW (please let the next xpac be actually good), Heroes and HS. If not gaming then I'm surfing the web or watching Twitch/YouTube. Specs on my PC are: Xeon E5-1607v3 with heat sink only EVGA GTX770 (2GB ram) - for gaming connected to my primary monitor Quadro K620 - for surfing/watching movies on my secondaries 64GB DDR Ram SSDs for OS, seperate one for games and a 1 TB HDD for storage. Three monitors - 27" primary, 2x 22" secondaries Basically I'm trying to figure out if I need to do water cooling for my CPU. Not custom, more like the pre-built ones from 3rd parties. Idle, my temp is between 42-45 Gaming, it's at 60-64 As you can see, not a hardcore rig by any means and most of my parts were hand me downs or really good deals. I also won't be OCing anything. Everything will stay stock. Currently my GPU produces the most heat (goes up to 75, sometimes 80 if I really push it and it gets hot in the case. I would LOVE to make the GPU cooler but am scared to change it to put a water cooling to it. Just wondering if water cooling the CPU will help reduce the heat inside the case.
  12. xxx4reggie

    Intel Core i7 5820K Giveaway

    Happy Holidays!!
  13. xxx4reggie

    Help choosing a Ultra Wide monitor - under 400?

    updated first post
  14. xxx4reggie

    Help choosing a Ultra Wide monitor - under 400?

    damn that sucks. any other ultra wides out there that is good?
  15. xxx4reggie

    Help choosing a Ultra Wide monitor - under 400?

    I think when I do replace it, I want a ultra widescreen. I checked out the one people posted and while it is an awesome monitor, it reminds me of the Hanns. Normal widescreen isn't really cutting it for me. I updated my list again. Please advise guys. How does this one look? any input? http://www.amazon.com/AOC-Q2963PM-29-inch-IPS-Resolution/dp/B00BLZAYHC/ref=sr_1_3?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1416703711&sr=1-3&keywords=ultra+wide+monitor