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  1. xxmarijn

    Touchscreen display for in the wall

  2. xxmarijn

    Touchscreen display for in the wall

    really thank you!, it could do but is doesn't have a flat bezel, making it difficult to operate in the corners. I've already got something like this (21.5inch) and its hard.
  3. hi forum, I'm building a computer (home system), to operate my movies, music, lamps... and more. I want to operate this via touchscreen which I want to build into a wall. So I am looking for a touchscreen with the following specs. Flat bezel approx.. 14 inch wide screen at least 720p. I've already tried a windows 8 tablet and android tablet. but that didn't work out well. Windows tablet: Its to small to operate with you finger. Android tablet: difficult to connect devices, and more problems such as downloading content. thanks!
  4. xxmarijn

    Here are my cats for no reason.

    Love ya catss they are really cute!
  5. xxmarijn

    Any Rap/Hip Hop fans here?

    Lil Wayne :), I just like him because he looks cool :P Gucci mane, Chief Keef, TYGA, Rick Ross, Wiz Khalifa, The Lonely Island, Akon, j. cole (some songs), Eminem ofcourse, T.I (some songs), Juicy J, Meek Mill, Yo Gotti, 2 Chainz, a little Drake, 50 cent, and probably a lot more. As you guys can see I am a Rap fan :)
  6. xxmarijn

    "Bezle free" monitor

    Maybe it's smart to give a budget then? I couldn't smell that $1000 was to much :P
  7. xxmarijn

    "Bezle free" monitor

    If you looking for perfect 3way monitor setup: http://www.samsung.com/us/computer/monitors/LS23MUQHB/ZA But don't know if it is a ips screen.
  8. xxmarijn

    in ear headphone for music on mobile for 200$

    The Klipsch s4a II are just the best in-ear headphones you can get for onder 200$ in my opinion, and they cost just the half :) special if you like bass in your music! I love them
  9. xxmarijn

    Fully Wooden Computer Case "Woody"

    haha okay true true :P
  10. xxmarijn

    Fully Wooden Computer Case "Woody"

    I dont know if water and wood is a good option haha :P
  11. xxmarijn

    Any games similar to Twisted Metal?

    you can try burnout, the onley thing is that you can't shoot
  12. xxmarijn


    mostly because i had two gtx 460's. and it toke so much time to let them both work, that I onley used one at a time.and ofcourse by micro stuttering at the AMD side
  13. how do i remove a post? cause i read the topic wrong :P
  14. xxmarijn

    The FBI, NSA are spying on you!

    yea I think so, lets troll them :)
  15. xxmarijn

    What game(s) are your currently playing?

    Super Meat Boy ofcourse :P and a little Black ops II from time to time