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  1. I'm From KERALA Too...


  2. the thing is in the yeti scene the yeti is loaded but not his head so the outline looks like atlas from portal
  3. i re installed it already
  4. Hello guys, I bought far cry 4 started playing it, first there were no problems but when I reached the yeti scene it don't look down mission the game crashed, i tried playing the level again but the same thing happens, I don't know what to do and I need your help, my os is windows 8 64 bit and I'm running the game on Lenovo y50 with gtx 860m
  5. I'm thinking of getting the msi ge60 apache pro so i wanted to know your guys thoughts on this laptop
  6. what about msi gt70 or gt72 dominator pro
  7. i don't care about weight and i want 17 inch laptop
  8. hey my parents are also helping me to buy this thing do you think i want to spend money on a laptop when i can but x99 and gtx 980 no but there is no other way
  9. i don't care about the weight and i'm looking for 17 inch laptop
  10. Stretching my entire saving around 5000 USD
  11. I'm going to use the laptop for working with (adobe photoshop, premier pro, lightroom, illustrator, indesign, audition) (autodesk 3DS max, maya, motion builder, mudbox) (cinema 4D) (sidefx houdini) (sony sound forge, vegas) (foundry mari, modo, nuke) and casual gaming and don't tell me to buy a desktop because the laptop in mandatory
  12. out of these three which one should i buy steelseries 9h razer kraken 7.1 sennheiser Game Zero