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  1. The new v2 hardware is. IT just isn't public beta yet.
  2. damn son. I want to see however normal air/water cooling OC's, normal boosting and OC boosting results.
  3. if it ain't broke, don't fix it
  4. you don't need it, but it is nice to have. you can always get an expansion card later on with usb c ports.
  5. it will wear out faster for sure.
  6. yea crack is the wrong word, you literally can just boot and reset the password. with the accessibility file swap trick.
  7. WIndows has a inherent flaw so no matter how long the password it can be crack instantly. Using a MS account instead of a local can help mitage that issue
  8. i never buy a movie anyway, i usually just rent off google play, cause the odds of me watching a movie enough to justify buying isn't enough.
  9. My VM is on the same machine that I took it from, if you move it to a new computer idk
  10. ^ i would say 60GB of space for the game so you would probably need about 100-120GB (assuming your downloading to the same drive.) free to download, extract and then install.
  11. VMware workstation has a tool to convert a physical machine into a VM.
  12. I don't see that issue on Chrome 57.0.2950.4
  13. Get expelled. ....i have come close, luckily my teachers were chill people.
  14. Just get linux, Windows isn't that hype anyway.
  15. Arty


    yes, my e38 is hella sliding
  16. its a shame people just randomly dislike ALL his sponsored videos..........
  17. It is not that this Fan is small, it is basically all other GPU coolers are big. The Temperatures will be higher then a bigger cooler, BUT they will still be in safe operating temperatures, and spining at higher rpm, vs 2 or 3 fans at lower rpms.
  18. i mean, good luck moving the cat long enough to take a picture.