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  1. As long as you make backups, you can in theory, use what ever you desire.
  2. Already on Linux, just waiting for better dev support, as I have a virtual machine with windows for Autodesk, and Adobe Products.......... Windows is bloated, and Mac OS is just stupid.
  3. GigaBYTE??, or do ya mean Gigabit?
  4. This isn't real 60fps, but ethier way, i personally love the hyper real effect of 60fps, we are just so used to 24fps.
  5. Keep chrome on the ssd. Other programs should have an option to change it. but you should keep most programs on the ssd, thats what it is for, and move your files to D.
  6. For this workload, Def focus more $$ on the cpu then the GPU, which you can upgrade or obtain later anyway since CPU lifescycle is a lot longer.
  7. If you use vmare, you can use vmware to remote into it directly, works way better that way. In reality OP, you should be using ESXI as your host OS, and run 1 Ubuntu Server VM, and 1 Windows VM that way.
  8. 3D printing, Does the (z) layer height make as much of a difference, if the detail is on xy plane? meaning on the top.
  9. Larger Files will have a higher transfer Speed than Smaller files, so when it transfers bigger files it does those quicker.
  10. Contact your isp, and see if ipv6 is even enabled
  11. I would recommend Ad-Block and common sense, if that's not enough, a chromebook will do.
  12. you shouldn't need to unplug when restarting , what has happened is super weird.
  13. any other devices you can test from?
  14. RemixOS is the closest your gonna get, and you will have to reboot to switch.
  15. You could have all your ports on your windows firewall open and it wouldn't make a difference in reality, your router's firewall is more important, and all ports should be disabled by default on there anyway.
  16. Yea download the Google Drive sync app and have your premire save into it.
  17. i mean it would work for p2p connections in theory. but yea one solid connection wouldn't happen without isp support. But a more ideal setup for this would be a load balancer. to split connections to ethier one to reduce load.