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  1. Ok that pic being your build makes much more sense, its been a long day, somehow I missed that. Honestly, you might expect a 3 slot 2080ti to be able to stay cooler than 81C, from the pic of your build I see that the fans on the 280 are not sealing against the radiator in that configuration. With the fans not sealing it might not create enough static pressure to move adequate air to cool both CPU and GPU, just an idea tho. But back to your question, yes it does look like some shorter ram/low profile fans would be necessary for a top rad+fans in your build. But it is totally doable. Side note, having your AIO tubes as the highest point in the cooler loop can cause bubbles to gather in the tubes, the exact location they should not be for longevity and maximum performance, generally its best to have the pump being feed by gravity by having the rad(reservoir) in a position where the tubes and pump are always pressurized by gravity, just something I have heard, probably not something to worry about until that AIO is a few years old, it just will need to be refilled with water sooner to remove those bubbles.
  2. I just did my new build with the Meshify C TG with a top mounted Cooler Master ML240R, it fits just fine, you just have to watch your clearances with ram and mobo heatsink, do not go for super tall ram (my Ripjaws V works great), but in my experience it should be fine. Also, note your GPU length. My GPU is 306mm in length and the case supports a maximum of 315mm with the front fans installed, with a radiator in the front it will be even tighter (it would not even come close to fitting in my build, but my 5700XT is massive). Just ensure that your GPU+Rad+Fan all add up to less than about 325mm, you might get away with a bit more tho but don't count on it. If its less than 315 then even better and you should have some breathing room for getting everything in there. If you would like me to do some measuring on my case just send me a DM and I proabably can get them to you sometime tmr or the next day.
  3. I am sure sennheiser had to cut some costs out somewhere, but from every review I have watched they are very similar sounding, to the point where it makes no sense to buy the 660's over the 58X. But you never know, I have not listened to either yet maybe the 660's are worth 400$
  4. Yea probably going to be a while till I buy anything else headphone related, I went a little spend happy this time around, picked up the HD8 DJ's and the 58X's (bass cans for everywhere and all rounder cans for my desk), also just got a Magni 3+ over the Hersey, the 3+ supposedly has a warmer, more fun sound to it, while the Hersey is just a little better on paper. At the end of the day, I would be perfectly content with the HD8 DJ's, I got them for 150$ with free one day shipping from B&H, so it was stupid not to buy them and flip my M50x's. Also ended up getting the 58X's for 115$ and they have already shipped, this decade is going out with some deals it seems! From everything I have read, they really come alive with a proper amp, which is no problem, but as a bass head, they just seemed a little to analytical and flat to me based on all the reviews I have watched and read. The 58X's have the same drivers as the HD 660's that go for around 400$ with only a piece of foam between the back grill and the driver itself. So take that foam out and boom you have 400$ pair of headphones. I probably will leave the foam in to increase the bass response tho.
  5. Yup, I really can't find very much differences between them, if the Hersey is better, I am going to buy it, If it don't matter, then I want the plan looking silver 3+, at the end of the day I don't think they really matters much for my use case until I start stacking other schiit products (I want the Loki, and the Modi, but thats for the future) I just want them to match when I do go for them.
  6. They gotta make everything all gamer-y now days, might as well just slap some RGB on it lol, I am gona look at some comprisons between the 2 and just buy one, but first, I am gona get my order of 58X's in.
  7. Alright, I was being very tempted with the 80$ price tag on the O2, but I think the Hersery will be better in the long run, lots of power and room for future expansion, I just wish it was all black or silver instead of red.
  8. I think I am going to end up with the 58X's, I have a 20$ Massdrop credit to use on them and at 120$ they are a great value. As for the amp I am still researching it, I am strongly considering the Massdrop O2 amp (no dac) for 80$ or the Schiit Hersey (more $$$, but nicer looking). The Fiio K3 is a great amp but without balanced cables for the 58X/6XX it does not have enough power, with the cables its a different story tho, no point in buying expensive cables instead of just getting the 6XX and a more powerful amp to begin with. Thanks for the suggestion! I will look into the K5 pro.
  9. Alright, I am still deciding on 6XX vs 58X, if I go 6XX I will pair it with a Schiit Magni 3+/Hersey instead of the K3 because I don't think the K3 can run em. But with the 58X I might just see what onboard audio can do before wasting money on an amp. I am going to do a lot more research into Planer Magnetic stuff, I have read great things about the bass on those. I really like stupid tight punchy bass, probably more than I should, heck I should just go get a pair of crazy bass headphones and then get a nice normal pair like the 6XX/58X, just limited on funding rn, but there are some dope deals on massdrop at the moment for the 6XX/58X so I need to make a decision soon before the deals are gone and I could not afford the 6XX even if I wanted them.
  10. Ok, thats interesting, the M50 have a lot more bass than the 6XX, but the 6XX has a bump in the mid range and highs, How well do the 6XX's take a bass EQ? if only I could try them somewhere, that would make this so much easier. I have been doing a bit more research on the 58X's, they do seem really nice, a bit cheaper and more fun with most of the quality of the 6XX, and they are on sale for 115$ when you make a new account on Massdrop.
  11. The non detachable cable on the Beyer's really kill the deal for me, I have broken 6 sets of expensive earbuds back in the day due to a non removable cables. I feel like I will roll over the cable with headphones under my desk chair and break them in a few years. But I will research them further, Thanks for the suggestions! I don't like spiky treble either imo, but I have read that the M50x's have some over blown treble too and I have never noticed it. My brother's car has some aftermarket tweeters and I cannot stand them, to much treble even tho they are very high end speakers. That graph shows the Fidelios have some good bass, but I think the EQ on the Fiio K3 could make the 6XX perfect.
  12. Alright, now I am leaning on just getting them and being done with this. That leaves me with about 100$ I have set aside for an Amp if I so desire. I might just snag the Fiio K3 and if I think it and the bass boost is unnecessary I can return it. I am not to bothered by a non perfect Amp, just something I have read does make a bit of a difference with high impedance cans. Those Ear Cups look like clouds for my ears, thanks, now I am contemplating spending far to much money lol.
  13. I am coming from my old trusty ATH M50X's that have been working tirelessly for years now, but there are falling apart on the headband and already have the earpads replaced, I do not want to spend any money fixing them up anymore. I have owned the M40X's and sold them, there bass was just very lacking without a very heavy EQ for my tastes, I think I may be a Basshead, considering the 12 inch ported Sub in my car (Rockford Fosgate Punch P2) Before you say: just get the HD 6XX, I have made a Google sheet with all the options I am considering (https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1pQ5WM9xxiQrcdjAfqDF4xaUraZkZWyCOGU9vVBkV-3Y/edit?usp=sharing) I have never owned open back headphones and have no way to try them where I live without driving Hours into a larger city, so I have been wanting to try some for years now that I live somewhere I can have sound leakage. Coming from a Bassheads perspective, I am worried that the 6XX might be to flat and analytical for me and I will hate them, but I have never tried them, if so many people say there the gold standard for headphones then the bass cannot suck that bad. I have read that the HD 58X have a more fun sound, and they are cheaper, so that might be a good option. I travel to my family's home quite frequently, so anything non portable will be staying with my PC setup and I will continue using my M50X's when on the move, which is fine. About Amp/Dac: for the 6XX, I will probably need an amp, and would like one with hardware EQ (like a bass boost), so I found the Fiio K3, but IDK if it has the juice to power the HD 6XX, and there is no future upgradeability with it. But I does have USB C, which is great (USB C everything cannot come soon enough) Then there is just getting a Schiit Magni 3, and running my PC's built in DAC, which is fine. Future expansion, Great build and Quality, with more than enough power to run anything I can afford. Also an option is moving to Planer Magnetic headphones, which I have read offer great bass, and the Hifiman HE400I/4XX have massive earpads and look stupid comfortable, and they are under budget, which is great. Then there is the HD8 DJ, which IDK if are even being made anymore, they are not even listed on Sennheiser's website anymore, but B&H has them for 199$. they are going to have amazing bass, sound isolation, easy to drive, great metal build quality, and nice carrying case for when I travel, (quite frequently), but they seem like just another pair of M50X's that are a little bit better, but when I bought my M50X's years ago, I wanted these (too expensive then), and if I don't get them now, I may never be able to even try them. Beyerdynamic Custom Game are just thrown in to compete with the HD8 DJ. they are easy to drive, have a physical bass slider (open it up for rap music, close it down for everything else) and have a better Mic system than my Mod Mic with only one cable needing to be run to my PC. So the Question is, what headphones would be best for a basshead, they will be used for music (rock, rap, and everything else in between) Gaming with a Mod Mic that I already own, and mostly just watching Movies and Youtube. That can be used for the next 3-5 years with no more money spent on them. Is there anything is my budget that I have not listed that would be better? I have 300$ total, so enough for HD 6XX and a Magni 3+/Fiio K3 which is what I am currently leaning towards.
  14. I had not seen the HW unboxed video yet, gave it a watch, I have watched the GN video twice in my search. The red dragon would look super weird in my giant case, so I scrolled through PC part picker, the Sapphire Nitro+ 5700XT is only 430$, which is expensive, but I think it might just be the right choice, no modding, no BS, and great manufacture support, it even looks normal and matches with my silver and black build. Sometimes I just wonder why I am even wanting to buy such an expensive GPU, I have so little time to game (full time online student). But I am on the longest break I have had since the summer after HS graduation before college. SO, screw it. I think I am just going to buy the Nitro+ and spend the money. THANK YOU Otto_iii and MrBrightSyde
  15. I am probably going to end up with a 5700 XT, it just seems to be the right fit, but I think I will do some more research on which one to purchase. I remember the days when everyone just bought a 970 and it was fine, this has been a bit of an ordeal to find out which 5700(XT)'s suck and which don't. I really don't like paying 399 for the red dragon, if there are better cards for about 20-40$ more. Should have purchased on Black Friday when I bought the rest of the build, now all the good stuff is sold out, and even the sucky cards are expensive.
  16. Hello all, I am finishing up my new build with my R7 3700x and I am torn between which GPU to purchase Options: Powercolor RX 5700 Red Dragon at 350 USD from Amazon MSI EVOKE OC 5700 XT also at 350 after 30$ MIR from Newegg (Got bad reviews from GamersNexus, Runs really hot, but same price as a good 5700 and has an awful color cooler) Powercolor RX 5700 XT Red Dragon 399 USD Then way out at the very top of my budget is EVGA RTX 2070 SUPER Black edition at 480 USD after 20$ MIR from Newegg I really don't want to spend 500$ on a GPU, but there is no since in buying a top tear 5700 XT when you can just flash a XT BIOS onto a not XT variant, I just do not want to do all that work, and void my warranty. The RTX 2070S is really just too expensive for me, I play at 1440p 144hz with a freesync display, and on a 4K 60hz TV occasionally, so the cheapest good 5700 XT might make since. I just cannot seem to find one. But I am itching to buy something now, my build is just sitting there unusable without a GPU (no IGPU's on 3700x). So my question which one show I buy? none of the ones I listed? Is it worth 75$ to get a great XT card over a regular 5700? or another 75$ on top of that for the cheapest 2070S listed on PC part picker ( the EVGA card I listed). Thanks, any help will be much appreciated!!
  17. Slow boot times, noises from the HDD, it might be dying, see if it follows any of the symptoms that Linus states in this video: If it is in deed dying, try to save up as much money as possible, save all important files on the PC elsewhere immediately, and try to find a used SSD off of ebay/facebook marketplace. Or watch for deals on new SSD's on Black Friday, they have become much more reasonable in price nowadays. other than that, without more information, thats all i can recommend you to do.
  18. Long story short, windows update screwed up my laptop. Restarted like 4 times now, checked all over the internet, have not been able to find a fix yet. I have not changed any of my settings for scaling, or done any updates to igpu drivers (this seems like a windows 10 problem) everything else is exactly like it was before the windows update, everything was fine before the update, now I have this. I highlighted my icons because the box surrounding them is shown. All the other icons are stacked into the top corner, and cannot be dragged down past the 2nd row a icons, if I move one from the stacked icons to, lets say NordVPN's (I know, they suck now) spot they all shuffle around and Nord goes into the main stack. No icons can survive below the 2nd row, they just go back into the stack. Laptop info, Matebook x Pro with the I7 and NV MX150 3k display, everything works but desktop icons. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  19. I have a Matebook X Pro with the i7, its darn near perfect, screen, size, battery life, all fantastic. If you OK with the Huawei ban it is perfect for college, I uses mine everyday for online courses because I am an all online student. The XPS 15 is definitely faster and larger, and probably has better battery on the 97Whr version, it all depends on what screen size you want. If you want more screen size and more power, XPS, if you want power, portability, and an extra 300$ in your wallet, Matebook.
  20. Well it looks really cool, maybe front facing speakers will start to make a comeback.
  21. gibe nao plz lol jk Currently running a AMD R 7770 1gb. Its so slow I actually stopped gaming till I get a new one.
  22. Last minute entry here,I Ain't not gona beg for a free GPU, but my old AMD 7770 is slow as crap and I am not gona be able to buy anything as nice as a fury x until i get out of college(almost a senior in high school). So had might as well enter, if I win I will dump all my savings toward a new gpu into a new cpu and basically have a hole new rig.
  23. Well the zbox is likely faster than my desktop, so it would be a cool upgrade.