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  1. Thank you for your quick responses. I am aware Ace is utter garbage, however when i first build the computer oh so many years ago i wasn't. As a matter of fact i've often thought about replacing it because of Ace reputation to be a computer killer but alas, i never got around to it. Edit: removed a question unrelated to the topic, thanks for the help everyone.
  2. Hello everyone! As the topic suggests my PSU failed and it did so in a quite spectacular fashion. To cut a tragic story short, im fairly sure it short circuted as i saw a white/blue lightning shoot out of it and it caused the fuse to tripp (leaving me without power for 2 days but thats a different story). It is the way it failed that concerns me, I just dont know how to approach the situation. Do i just get a new PSU, plug it in and hope for the best? This is probably a silly question but can plugging a new PSU into a potentially (probably?) fried computer damage the new PSU? Unfortunatley i cannot tell you exactly what model the old PSU was, all i know is it was an Ace. The computer is quite old, most of the hardware is over five years so its nothing to write home about but its good enough for my purposes. Any help is much appriciated!