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    what's an xbox live?
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    Just like my user name would suggest, I'm a tech prodigy ;)
    Please feel free to PM me and ask me quite literally ANYTHING that I could help you out. Anyone, anytime :)

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  1. how did you get banned


    the last message you left was sept 28 2013



  2. Genetically I'm Middle Eastern. Not exactly sure where (traces from DNA tests say Iran) so yeah. I had dark peach fuzz in third grade, shaved with soap in the shower by fifth, and by 7th Every other day. Now I shave in the morning and get warrior's stubble at night. the moment I'm not letting any of my employees shave (and by that I mean if they don't shave we will win); by november. We call it, No-"need to shave"-vember.
  3. if you can, go all in. go the 1000+ route! no reason why you shouldn't
  4. but in general noctuna fans are all good
  5. Do some measurements in your case and see if it'll be a problem,
  6. Literally all so many that work great.
  7. since you're using a corsair case I would get a h110 for the CPU and keep it clean and seperate. Then cool the titans with the bottom 480 rad.
  8. and aesthetically how does your rig look? Base it off honestly; power supplies more or less work the same.
  9. PSU price differntials aren't that high anymore. Anything 650w+ plus will do you well; but personally I always recommend a min. of 750; just in case something happens
  10. Oops. When it comes to bolded words I always miss them .
  11. out of curiosity's sake may I ask where you live? If you don't feel confident a continent or climate region would be nice to know; 45 degrees and you get internet? That's crazy. But check the temps of your GPU and judge it yourself. When you turn the fan on high, what's the temps?
  12. Above 30 won't necessarily kill you. Tokyo got really hot this summer; almost 37 . But gamers like the cold, it's in our blood.
  13. Shindo

    Future plans.

    and also I never heard of gyazo