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  1. Ok so during heavy usage (sometimes it takes heavier usage than other times) I seem to lose internet access for sometimes a few minutes and sometimes a few hours. My pc shows my network status as connected to the internet and every other pc in the house can still use the internet just fine but for some reason I can not. Restarting my pc/router does not seem to help and I have checked all drivers are up to date. Does anyone have any ideas that may help with my issue? Thanks in advance for any advice.
  2. and it seems if i mute all the sounds on my pc it actually jumps upto about 35-40% cpu usage
  3. so i did the clean install and got all the programs i regularly use back on my pc and it seems to be doing much better. but now i seem to be having an issue with windows audio device graph isolation using about 20% of my cpu which from what i can tell seems to be caused by my logitech g930. if anyone has any solutions or other ideas on whats causing the problem i would appreciate it
  4. gonna try clean install now. will come back and update you guys with the results thanks for all the help so far
  5. nevermind i think i found it...found the sticker on my pc with it...thought it had rubbed of..im an idiot
  6. i bought my pc prebuilt so how would i find the key
  7. and i realize my cpu specs pretty low and that would cause it to be slow...but things are taking 4 times longer on windows 10 than they were on 7...
  8. my specs are pentium dual-core cpu e6700 @3.2 ghz, 8gb ddr3 ram @1333mhz, gtx 650, 500 gb 7200 rpm hdd, and my scans are not detecting any viruses
  9. I just "upgraded" to windows 10 from 7 and I am noticing that my pc is running slower than it was with windows 7. I was thinking of doing a fresh install of it to try and fix it but I do not want to lose my chance to revert back to 7 if I decide I do not want 10. Is any way I can speed windows 10 up without losing windows 7 completely? I really want to give windows 10 a shot but if I can not speed it up i think it will have to go.