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  1. 1060 USD for the 11in iPad Pro base model with keyboard and pencil
  2. At 10.2in though it's a bit small (latest iPad) and the 11in iPad Pro is over the price already for the base model without pencil or keyboard
  3. iPad Pro I assume you mean? I have an iPad Air 2 with iPadOS which obviously isn't as good as the iPad Pro but not sure if iOS is good enough if I want to take typed and written notes together (like a surface with OneNote)
  4. I start Uni in February (southern hemisphere) and am looking at laptops. The less I spend the better as I'm self financing my whole education. Requirements: 12-14in (15 too big), preferably light. That's about it. I have a gaming PC to do everything else on so just need something for notes and presentations at Uni. Options I have thought about so far (converted to usd) Surface Laptop 1(i5/4/128): $620 Surface Pro 5(i5/8/128): $650 w/o KB or pen Surface Laptop 1(i5/8/256): $740 Surface Pro 6(i5/8/128): $740 w/o KB or pen Surface Book 1(i5/8/128): $740 all inclusive Any other laptops? Im not married to the surface lineup and will consider other brands, although I like the idea of writing notes with a pen. A nice build quality would be nice so it could survive 4 years. Im happy with Mac or Windows, Intel or AMD. I would prefer to avoid Huawei/Xiaomi products. What would you pick?
  5. I'll try update mobo bios (current Ver 3xxx, latest 5xxx) and can use a known good PSU from my other build which I will try after a bios update.
  6. How do I find this setting? RMA the motherboard or the PSU?
  7. Specs: Ryzen 7 2700X (Stock settings) Asus X370-I (Bios Ver. 3803) Adata XPG 2x8GB (2133Mhz) MSI RTX2070 Ventus (Latest Driver, stock settings) Corsair SF600 Noctua L9a Issues: Random crashing and freezing. Occasionally just with web browsing but mostly when doing CPU intensive tasks like gaming or exporting videos via Shotcut. Temperatures remain in the 60-75°C range under typical load with all cores at 4Ghz but then the whole computer hangs with the only solution being to restart the system from the case button as everything else has frozen. I've tried everything that comes to mind for me but have never seen this before with Intel CPUS. This is not my build but is instead my friend's and I'm trying to help diagnose the issue. Any help would be majorly appreciated. Crash logs not really an option as the PC hangs and doesn't recover (left it for 4 hours). Included photo of HWMonitor at point of crash. Where have I gone wrong? Could it be something to do with Shotcut, CPU cooler being insufficient, motherboard issue or CPU issue as I can't imagine another reason. Thanks
  8. 4.5TB of M.2 NVME Storage isn't exactly financially viable.
  9. I have an Ncase M1 build with a 256GB M.2 NVME SSD, an old 128GB 2.5in SSD and a 4TB 3.5in Seagate Barracuda. My M.2 SSD has 16GB free My 2.5 SSD has 103GB free My 3.5 HDD has 1.64TB free I have quite a lot of data and I'm looking for the best way to manage and store this going forward, especially as I'm on an ITX SFF computer build now. Currently, all drives are inside my PC with the 3.5in under my GTX1080 which is very snug and causes the GPU and HDD to get hot and adds a lot of extra weight to the computer. I want to change up my storage to make it physically take up less space so that I can install 2 fans under the graphics card and I want to know the best solution for this. 1. Do I buy a high capacity 4TB 2.5in HDD to replace the big Seagate drive? Can this be mounted vertically without hassle? 2. Do I get some form of NAS or external system to store my mass storage (PSD projects / games / work)? Both me and my partner have ITX gaming machines so we could easily put both of our mass storage on a NAS and then simplify our 2 PCs to not require beefy mass storage. Is this a good idea? Any (cheap-ish) recommendations? Thanks!
  10. i built it in the end and put the case under the table
  11. Keyboard included on both but if you add the extra $50 or so for the pen with the Pro 5 it brings it up to 600 vs 630 I had a pro 3 and pro 4 (sold both already) and the pro 4 keyboard is definitely better but I found the material to not be the most resiliant.
  12. Hi, Im looking for a good college laptop that will last me through my undergrad (in psychology so not looking for something super spec'd) and I already have a gaming sff system too for gaming and more demanding projects should that be needed. Basically just need something for note taking and I love the surface pen / one note integration so that's why I'm looking within the surface family. Here are my options: $550 USD Surface Pro 5 i5 7300U 8GB Ram 128GB SSD with Type Cover (Will also need to buy a surface pen on top of this for about $50) $630 USD Surface Book 1 i5 6300U 8GB Ram 512GB SSD with Surface Pen & Keyboard Which would you go with? I like the lightness and Alcantara of the Surface Pro (but understand it's a subpar keyboard experience and the alcantara is easily damaged) and like the ports and better keyboard of the surface book but it's a heavier device and the gap when closed annoys me more than it should. Which should I go for? I don't need it until December (thanks southern hemisphere academic year) so should I wait a few more months?
  13. Slow and steady! Need to wait for the case to arrive to measure runs.
  14. Modding Plans so far: 1. Cables Should I go for more CableMod cables? The NCASE Community's recommended Pslate customs? Sleeve them myself? 2. GPU Shroud I'm going for a greyscale theme and the green GEFORCE GTX has got to go. I'm going to try turn it white. 3. Case Mod I don't want to butcher the gorgeous case but I want to try and get a bit more I/O on there. I'm thinking either some VR pass-through or USB-C. Any other suggestions?