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  1. My iPad 2. It' has a dual core ARMv7 CPU at 1 GHz at 512MB of RAM, running iOS 8. Slow as fudge....
  2. They are good drives. Some people just have bad luck with them (like @pspfreak). And there are also some that swear by them (like @terrytek).
  3. No I didn't. Guess I'll go for the Air 240 then.
  4. Hmm, that sounds like a good idea. Will look into it, thanks.
  5. Also forgot to mention Phanteks isn't available here. here's where i'm gonna buy it. http://arvutitark.ee/ It's in estonian, but you can use Google Translate. 90 euros. Doesn't support a GPU that long.
  6. Hello. I'm looking for an mATX case for my PC. What it needs to have are support for video cards up to 320mm in length, 1 2.5" and 1 3.5" bay, and front USB3.0. I would prefer white, but black is also good. Thanks. PS: No Fractal Node 804. I would really buy this case, but it isn't available here. PPS: Budget is 90 euros.
  7. No problem. Helping people reinstall Windows is what I do around here. Anyway, I suggest downloading the 64-bit version, as your new computer will most likely be able to run it. It will also probably have more than 4GB of RAM, which is the limit for 32-bit. Anyway, here are the instructions for putting a Windows installer on a USB. I assume you already have 7-zip, if not, get it from http://7-zip.org/ Format your USB in FAT32. Use 7-zip to extract the ISO from the downloaded RAR. Then, extract the contents of the ISO (7-zip can open them) to the root of your USB drive. This can take up to 30 minutes, please be patient. On your USB, there should be a folder named sources, and in there a file named boot.wim. Open it with 7-zip (yes, it can open WIM too). In there, go to folder 1\Windows\Boot\EFI. There is a file called bootmgfw.efi in there. Extract it to a folder named boot in the efi folder on the USB. Name the extracted file bootx64.efi Now, in the boot folder on the USB (not the boot folder in the EFI folder), there should be a file called bootsect.exe. Copy it to your hard drive. Open an admin command prompt where you put bootsect.exe, and run bootsect /nt60 <drive letter>. So, for drive G you would run bootsect /nt60 G:. That should be it. Let me know if you have any problems. This USB can be used to install Windows on your new computer. Make sure to format the drive during the install.
  8. Yep, when I say key I usually mean product key. Anyway, download an ISO from https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B6bNnleDp7llUlc0LTVEMTc0b2M&usp=sharing&tid=0B6bNnleDp7llcGdMR3FEcjRjTGM. To use it, you need to burn it to a DVD or put it on a USB that is 4GB or larger. To burn a DVD, simply right-click on the downloaded ISO and select Burn to Disk. To put it on a USB, you need 7-zip. Let me know if you need instructions for USB.
  9. Alright, write down the key. And what edition of windows is this? Home Premium, Pro, Starter, something else?
  10. Run slmgr /dlv in an admin command prompt, and tell me if the it's OEM_SLP or OEM_COA_SLP. What edition of Windows are we talking about?
  11. No Windows key? There should be one under the laptop. The only thing you can do is reintsall, and I can provide you an ISO.
  12. Alright. New desktop this month, and a new laptop/tablet/2-in-1 in August or September.

    1. Jambls


      Are you going to put a new card in the apu machine?

    2. Speedbird
    3. Jambls
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  13. Do Q87 boards support Broadwell?

    1. Speedbird


      I don't have the board, but I might buy it soon. But I think I'll just reconfigure the system.

    2. NeatSquidYT


      What are the benefits of Q series mobos? THey're somewhat of a rarity compared to B, H and Z.

    3. Speedbird


      Intel VT-d.

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  14. Y'all are talking about bad experiences with tech manufacturers and RMAs and stuff. Well, this one is with the tech itself. Before I built my own PC, I had a prebuilt Acer desktop. i3 550, 4GB of RAM, 1TB HDD, GT330. Some of you would call it utter crap, but it did the job for me. The most demanding game I played back then was Portal 2. Anyway, about 2 years after I bought it, I started getting all kinds of problems. Steam would not download anything, a ton of crap was installed, and sometimes the whole system would become unresponsive. No program would respond, nothing would open, yet the mouse moved just fine, and nothing unusual was in Task Manager. So I reinstalled Windows. That solved the first 2 problems, but the 3rd one remained. 6 months later, Windows tells me that it has detected a serious problem with the hard drive and it needs to be replaced. This was a legit message for sure, it opened Windows Backup and let me back up the drive. I told my dad about this (who is quite tech-literate) and he just told me to reinstall Windows again. And I did just that. The issue remained. I replaced the thermal paste on the CPU. Nothing. I took it to a repair shop. They found nothing. Then I tried Linux. No problem! XP? Nope, doesn't help. I then somehow managed to upgrade to a 90-day trial of Windows 8.1 Enterprise. The issue remained, and then I decided to completely wipe the drive ans start over with a fresh install of Windows 7. Nope, did not help. Then, on the 8th of June, 2014, Windows once again told me about a serious problem with the hard drive. This time I created a backup to my external hard drive, and told my dad that it REALLY is the time to replace the hard disk. One day later, I bought a new hard drive - a WD Blue. I swapped out the drive, applied the system image I created, booted into the OS and..... IT FIXED THE ISSUE! I had always suspected the hard drive, and I really thought that it should be replaced, but my dad thought it was a software problem! It was the hard drive all along..... This problem really got me into tech. I learned a lot of stuff along the way, and on the 24th of June I signed up here on LTT forums. Since then I have learned even more. So I guess maybe.... This is my best experience with tech?
  15. Is it divisible by 16? No? Then it's not RTM.
  16. Are they still available? I would like one.
  17. An Upgrade key is only valid if the PC is already licensed for Windows 7. If you have a key, you can do the phone activation and tell them that you did a clean install with an upgrade key and that you have a Windows 7 key. They should let you activate.
  18. Thank you. I don't need to worry about the upload speed, it's 300 Mb/s.
  19. Hello. I have a home server with shared folders (SMB) that are shared with the HomeGroup and are accessible from a local network. I have also connected it to a VPN hosted by Microsoft Azure (SSTP) which I plan to use to access the shared folders from remote networks. So my question is, if I were to connect a client to that VPN, will that client be able to access the shared folders and remain connected to the Internet (the VPN has no internet connection)?
  20. Get a cheaper motherboard (like the MSI Z97 PC MATE) and you can afford an i7 and more RAM.
  21. My dad has admin access on my PC, and he deserves it. He didn't demand it, he doesn't look at my stuff, nor does he limit my usage.
  22. Workstation-grade motherboards.
  23. I just want to replace my old mouse....