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  1. Right now I have a GTX 970 in that system and the iGPU is disabled, but I can check it later when I move the 970 to another PC. Could you please tell me how to do so, and how to increase the reserved memory, if it's possible. This PC has 8GB of DDR3 2133 MHz RAM.
  2. Maybe I wonder myself wrong. I should have said that I am disappointed with its performance. I was expecting 60fps at High settings, while I need to run most games at Medium or Low settings. Sorry for quoting a long post. Text selection on iOS is not easy, it would have taken forever to cut it.
  3. That is not true. Add Features will accept any retail key. And even if it didn't, it is possible to do this in the command line with DISM, which is a much better method than an in-place upgrade, which can corrupt system files.
  4. I'd get an Athlon X4 or an i3 and a mid-range GPU (like the R7 260X) instead. I own an A10-7850K, and it is not good.
  5. Who owns Toshiba's storage division?

    1. Tedster


      First thoughts: Toshiba should.

      Quick Google: Semicom?

      So Toshiba bought out Fujitsu's HDD division in 2009...

      Strange one, Wikipedia doesn't say much more. WD selling Hitachi's 3.5 inch business to Toshiba?

    2. Speedbird


      Oh. So they're not owned by the Big Two.

  6. Streaming Portal 2 with pspfreak @ http://www.twitch.tv/justpspfreak1997

    1. JoaoPRSousa


      So a EU player with a NA player in the same server. Is the lag real?

    2. Speedbird


      When he was hosting, yes, the lag was real. Probably because of his 5 Mbps upload speed. But when I was hosting, I was not told of any lag (probably because of my 300 Mbps upload speed).

  7. Ahh.. single-core CPU. http://i.imgur.com/nn0XWzQ.jpg

    1. Captain_WD


      pspfreak can you run Minesweeper properly?



      which one? I have a 800mhz amd duron

    3. Speedbird


      Core 2 Solo U3500. 1.4 GHz

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  8. They aren't. I am using a CX500M series in my PC right now, stable as fudge. have used a CX430M too, and @tmcclelland455 will definitely tell you that they're stable.
  9. Do the in-place upgrades on both PCs, then do a clean install. Never swap boot drives between PCs - it will cause problems.
  10. What do you call a person who plays CS:GO all the time? A fnatic.

  11. Maybe it's just because I'm a little biased for TP-Link. But I would return the router, you did not get what you were suppose to get. Goods not as described.
  12. The TP-Link is better for sure, but you should return the router anyway.
  13. Still waiting for MSI Blue..... I requested it when the latest build of Windows 10 was 9926. Now it's 10166.
  14. Rank 2 in CS:GO! WOOT

    1. ripanotha2013og


      Rank 0 in CS:GO, cuz I ain't got that shit!

    2. JoaoPRSousa



      Must get level 3 bruh

    3. Speedbird


      Yeah, I know.

  15. They better make a purple wallpaper. lol. But I think that purple is more suitable for Home and blue for Pro. Blue has been the colour for Professional editions ever since XP, it's unlikely for Microsoft to change this now. Also, I don't think they will ship with DVDs. Windows 8.1 didn't, and Microsoft really is pushing ESD (Electronic Software Download). However, slui.exe hints that they will ship on a USB.
  16. Cpngratulatons for 1000 posts and thanks for running this giveaway!
  17. Make sure to press the Set button once you have the correct size. Otherwise your changes won't be saved.
  18. Just because they aren't selling as much doesn't mean they're dying. In the old days, before Windows Vista, software evolved fast and hardware had to catch up. With every new OS release, you would have to buy a new computer. Now, operating systems are getting lighter, not heavier, and a PC from 2007 could still run a modern OS, even the upcoming Windows 10. If you have a Core 2 Duo with 4GB of RAM, you can do any basic task. http://www.howtogeek.com/183381/are-pcs-dying-of-course-not-heres-why/
  19. Does wearing a shirt chafe your throat?
  20. It is a batch file, you can right-click and view the source code. Also, it was posted on a thread on Microsoft Answers by a Trusted Advisor.
  21. Alright. I lost my faith in Skylake now. I going to get a Haswell CPU, and use a CPU that's 2 years old, because there's no reason for me not to. There hasn't been a significant improvemenet in CPU Performance since Sandy Bridge.
  22. SMB is soooooooooooooooooo slooooooooooooooow......

    1. Speedbird


      But over a VPN from a remote server?

    2. pspfreak


      Well thats your VPN's fault.

    3. Speedbird


      Then how come did the same file download twice as fast over HTTP from the same server?

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