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  1. Do the words Active Directory, Hyper-V, VHD booting or BitLocker mean anything to you? Then you don't need Windows 8.1 Pro. Full list of added features can be found at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Windows_8_editionsFor these games, I honestly don't know how much CPU they need. Hearthstone can run on iPhones, so that will probably run fine on Surface 3's CPU. Not sure about others though.
  2. The pkeyconfig (a file containing valid products keys) for Windows 10 seems to contain the ones for 8.1 and 8, but I'm not sure if Windows 10 will see them as valid for an edition of Windows 10. We also don't know if the Microsoft activation servers allow these keys to be activated. I suggest that you install Windows 8.1 pro and wait 10 days until Windows 10 is launched. It will be possible to do a clean install.
  3. OEMs have every right to not support a non-genuine system. And I don't know why these scans would seem unethical - no personal data is accessed, and nothing should be stored.
  4. A surface 3 has full Windows 8.1 Core and can run Win32 applications. And gaming performance will be limited by the GPU. That is why I asked what kind of gaming.
  5. What kind of gaming? What games? What is your budget? Do you need 8.1 Pro? Will a Surface 3 cut it for you?
  6. You should not spend extra for faster memory, but you will never really know until the platform is launched.
  7. I don't really know what the included drivers in Windows are compatible with. Windows 8.1 tends to have more compatible ones, so if you install that it is more likely to work.And I mean using another PC to download the driver from the manufacturer's site and copying that to a USB.
  8. You do not need a DVD drive. If the network drive doesn't work out of the box, you could try obtaining it from another PC.
  9. Ohhh... You meant mainstream support. The end of that doesn't mean anything.
  10. You've been using Windows 7 for 10 years? Do you have a time machine?
  11. Yeah. Same thing was back in Late 2014 when all the tech journalists were going nuts about the end of mainstream support for Windows 7. All it means is that there won't be any new features and you can't call Microsoft for support.
  12. Hmm, that is actually a good idea. You should submit it to Windows Feedback if you have the preview installed. Or post it on Microsoft Answers community. That's what Microsoft is looking at. And right now, the updates are forced because it's a preview. Previews have always had forced updates. I'm sure it will be changed once it's done.
  13. Trackmania Turbo is available for pre-order.
  14. I will start using it once they add extension support.
  15. Server 2012 R2 for their internal servers if I remember correctly.
  16. Microsoft has stated that you will be able to do a clean install after you upgrade. I assume this means that they give you a product key. They have to, actually - Windows needs a product key to work, and they can't just make all Windows 7 and 8.1 keys work.
  17. I believe that only the security updates will be forced in the final release.
  18. Ah. well, in that case AP, or access point, just creates a wireless network, while a router also has a firewall, gateway, and switch.
  19. No, I have not tried it myself. Only then I can be 100% sure. But I suggest that you give it a try and see if it works or not. You lose nothing by doing it.
  20. AC? That's a new WiFi standard. 802.11ac. Basically, it's faster than the previous ones.
  21. If you bought an access point, just connect it to your network with ethernet and set up the network to have the same SSID and security as your main network. If you bought a router, connect the cable to a LAN port, not WAN, then do the same.
  22. Network connectivity by cable. The cable looks something like this: