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  1. Am I the only one who doesn't use thir real name for their Windows username?

  2. I think Verizon models need to have the bootloader unlocked. Here's a guide I found after a quick Google. http://forums.androidcentral.com/verizon-galaxy-s-iii-rooting-rom-s-hack-s/191050-guide-root-unroot-recovery-unlock-bootloader-verizon-galaxy-s3-sch-i535.html
  3. Alright. Chrome OS indeed does not work well with non-Google services. But for a basic user who just browses the web, Chrome OS would be a better solution. The person managing their system wouldn't have to worry about updating it every month, and malware is very hard to find.
  4. Why would you turn off services? The performance improvement is minimal, and it is not worth tampering with important Windows components.
  5. No it won't. People have reported that they have the latest build permanently activated. You can keep using it if you stay on the preview branch. That means stuff might be broken, you will have to test the updates before they get pushed to the Current Branch, and you have a slight chance of losing data. Also, MS will track your usage.
  6. Just installed a GTX 970 for a friend. Now he can play Withcer 3 at glorious 1080p 60fps.

  7. A modern Windows system with an SSD, that is. Unfortunately, most laptops in the Chromebook price range have slow 5400rpm mechanical drives. And I can tell from first-hand expereince that they do not boot in 6 seconds, even with a fresh install of Windows. Chrome OS gets the same updates as Chrome itself if i remember correctly, and they are much more seamless. And please tell me, how does Chrome OS have worse Google service integration than Windows?
  8. Easier to use (for some), less malware, integrates well with Google services, does not need updating every month, and they tend to boot faster too.
  9. I say wait and see. If you get the money, continue the trade tomorrow. If not, report him.
  10. Install this program called HashCalc, then have to calculate the SHA1 of your downloaded ISO. Then compare it against one at https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/subscriptions/downloads/
  11. Remember: always verify the SHA1 of a downloaded ISO.
  12. Keys from r/softwareswap are usually retail keys from my experience, which activate permanently. However, I'd still get an OEM key from a reputable seller like Newegg, and OEM also comes with a nice Certificate of Authenticity that you can put on your case.To answer your 2nd question, Microsoft does not really have a site for ISO downloads. There's the ESD Media Creator for 8.1, but these ISOs can't be verified against trusted sources, such as MSDN. For Windows 7 there's Software Recovery, which does not take OEM keys. And it seems to have problems with MSDN ones too (which are classified as retail). I am a reliable source of ISO downloads, and mine can't be verified against the SHA1s provided at MSDN. PM me for more info.
  13. My brain is like "Meh, LTT is boring. How about linustechtips.com?"

    1. pspfreak


      lol i do that all the time.

  14. Yes, it will work. PM me if you need a download link.
  15. Silver II is the rank I was expecting to be honest. I'm not really Gold Nova material. But at least I have several Gold Nova friends.
  16. No rank yet. I only made it to Rank 3 less than a week ago, and have only won 2 competitive matches.
  17. 7-zip Steam Skype Firefox VirtualBox MS Outlook
  18. I was in a rush to get home for the VS2015 launch event. Turns out it starts an hour later than I thought.

  19. Updates are first tested by Windows Insiders, if they don't report any problems it gets pushed to the Current Branch. And throughout my 4 years of owning Windows PCs, I have not had a single problem caused by an update. And a single broken update out of tens of thousands of working update should not be a reason to disable them.
  20. OpenDNS should have the tools you need. Or use Windows Parental Comtrols.
  21. Upgrade to Windows 10 Home, then install Pro using a key you have bought via the Change Product Key menu. If you haven't bought it, it should be available from purchase from either the included Windows Store app or from a local retailer after the launch. All your files and programs will be kept. However, Windows 10 Pro will only be able to delay updates, not stop them. And why do you not like Automatic Updates, if I may ask?
  22. Did you not install Windows in EFI?
  23. While I agree that DRM on Microsoft products is well implemented, it does not really server its purpose. Microsoft Product Activation can be bypassed very easily, and it does not stop piracy at all. What Microsoft really needs to do is the same that Valve did with Steam - instead of trying to make the cracked experience inferior, they made the genuine experience superior. That is the secret to good DRM and reducing piracy.
  24. Get a Corsair CX500M power supply, a random 4GB DDR3 DIMM, a TP-Link WN781ND WiFi card and a Crucial 120GB BX100 SSD.