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Everything posted by felixbearpig

  1. oh ok, because here thats a real problem
  2. how are you going to make it known that it is airsoft and not a real AR?
  3. watchdogs reminds me alot of the first ass creed. cool but super boring
  4. i have 2 EKWB titan x WB and my 980ti and they fit perfectly
  5. 4,5,2,3,6. this is the best way to watch
  6. what platform do you have? pages and numbers are pretty good
  7. yeah i sold then for 400 each and bought 980ti
  8. thats the right order, but i would watch it in the "machete" order which is 4,5,2,3,6. 1 can be skipped but the music and darth maul warrant a view
  9. this is the reason I Fold, to help the cancer research, reduce death, and increase understanding
  10. I'm getting 870000 with my 2 980ti's And those are really good number for 0x17 WU
  11. their qa has gotten a lot better in the past 4 years
  12. Mx4 for bare die (GPU) And arctic silver 5 , ICDiamond , and mx4 are best for IHS (CPU) **never use ICDIAMOND for bare die ***
  13. in the lore of the game, a portion of gotham was sectioned off as a prison hence Arkham city
  14. never said it was for the devs, im saying first they complian to valve for us getting refunds for their games because they are bad, and now they are trying to scam us. http://www.lazygamer.net/valve-2/steam-refunds-are-being-exploited-and-developers-are-angry/
  15. are you just going to cruise or do tricks ? if just cruise , look into a longboard
  16. and then they complain about us getting refunds for their shitty games
  17. SWTOR, my mouse has a button that the the game takes as auto run
  18. story on 2033 is better buy atmosphere and shooting is better on last light.
  19. nah more like a 13 year olds, not as bad as a 12 YO though im just not a big fan of aggressive cases
  20. well,1,000,000 balloons can lift a house (fact(up)) i say 50 will lift that violin