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  1. felixbearpig

    Painting My Airsoft Rifle

    oh ok, because here thats a real problem
  2. felixbearpig

    Painting My Airsoft Rifle

    how are you going to make it known that it is airsoft and not a real AR?
  3. felixbearpig

    Watch Dogs Is Terrible

    watchdogs reminds me alot of the first ass creed. cool but super boring
  4. felixbearpig

    waterblock for 980ti?

    i have 2 EKWB titan x WB and my 980ti and they fit perfectly
  5. felixbearpig

    In what order should I watch Star Wars?

    4,5,2,3,6. this is the best way to watch
  6. what platform do you have? pages and numbers are pretty good
  7. felixbearpig

    Most you ever spent on a single part

    yeah i sold then for 400 each and bought 980ti
  8. felixbearpig

    Most you ever spent on a single part

    $1000 og titan back in 2013
  9. felixbearpig

    confused with the star wars timeline..

    thats the right order, but i would watch it in the "machete" order which is 4,5,2,3,6. 1 can be skipped but the music and darth maul warrant a view
  10. felixbearpig

    Nintendo president has sadly passed away ;(

    this is the reason I Fold, to help the cancer research, reduce death, and increase understanding
  11. felixbearpig

    Fury X F@H Numbers!

    I'm getting 870000 with my 2 980ti's And those are really good number for 0x17 WU
  12. felixbearpig

    How is Zotac as a GPU brand?

    their qa has gotten a lot better in the past 4 years
  13. felixbearpig

    Good thermal paste?

    Mx4 for bare die (GPU) And arctic silver 5 , ICDiamond , and mx4 are best for IHS (CPU) **never use ICDIAMOND for bare die ***