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  1. Going to have to disagree with you on this, maybe if it was cheaper it would be worth buying another. However, I have never had a phone outlast it’s case, even when using significantly cheaper cases.
  2. this thread might be a bit old, but I get like I should say I have had the grip for 5 months on my iPhone XR and as soon as it started getting cold the glue started falling apart and my phone can now easily fall out of the case. Also the skin I bought for my iPhone XR does not fit well at all. I just used the one that covers the back glass instead of the whole phone. The skin is too small and the camera cutout is not quite in the right place. It’s overpriced and I won’t be ordering from them again.
  3. The password seems to be the only thing that they definitely have, which I believe they could have gotten from the above mentioned paste. But I suppose you are right
  4. Typing this out has helped me to realize this is probably absurd but please let me know if you think there is any legitimacy to this person's claims
  5. The email claims to be from a spyware software developer who hacked my account summer of 2018 (seems to be referring to my email) and lists a password that I have used but is not for that email. Claims the "The hacking was carried out using a hardware vulnerability through which you went online (Cisco router, vulnerability CVE-2018-0296)." They also claim they used this to install a rootkit on my system allowing them to connect via vnc Note: my router is not a cisco but I believe my modem is (not home ATM) Then they try to scare me by talking about how they have saved the porn I watch along with footage from my webcam Note: I have a webcam for my PC but it is not always plugged in and I only typically look at adult content on my smartphone. Then they threaten that they will send this footage to my contacs and format my drive if I don't send them $884 in bitcoin within 48 hours of opening the email. One last note: according to haveibeenpwned my email is on one paste that I believe contains this password encrypted Should I be worried? Is there any chance they legitimately have a rootkit installed on my PC or my contacts? I am on mobile so please excuse the formatting and that this is probably not the place to post this. Update: now home, neither my router or modem are made by cisco
  6. Hello, I was considering getting into Elite Dangerous and wanted to play in vr with a joystick, but it seems most of them are $100-$200. Is there one that is around $60 that you guys have used that works well with elite dangerous? Thanks!
  7. agree with all the above, you can also check on the motherboard documentation to see if the exact memory you have has been validated but that is probably over kill
  8. those are both valid selling points of FP, I just don't agree that the whole point or most of the incentive to get it is ads. But That could be just me, as far as I know, nobody has researched the main thing motivating people to subscribe to FP
  9. like I said they could easily skip sponsored spots by skipping past them in the video
  10. I wouldn't say that is the whole idea if it was it would fail due to the fact someone could easily use ad block and skip sponsored messages for free. It has more to do with getting content faster than others, more conveniently(with options to download content), and even at better quality than youtube.
  11. They are unlikely to implement something like that since this site is temporary, however, I do believe on the official site LTT TQ etc will be separate channels
  12. idk, maybe it has to do with using cheaper cables or maybe plugging and unplugging to often. what finally killed my s7 charging port was when it was charging slow and I heard lint can slow down charging over time, so I tried to clean it out and must have bent one of the pins in the port.
  13. I feel like you would be investing a lot of money in a new mobo and CPU for little to no perceivable performance benefit in day to day tasks and gaming. So I would say it depends on what you use your computer for and if you have been having trouble running any of the software you currently use.
  14. on both the android phones I have owned (HTC One M8 and now the Galaxy S7) the charging ports on both of them have failed over time. So I was planning on getting the oneplus 5t because I have been living with wireless charging only for a while now and I am getting tired of it. So I thought I would get one of those magnetic chargers that you stick the magnetic dongle into the port and has a magnetic cable to charge. Would this help preserve the port? Would I still be able to use dash charge? Which magnetic charging cables have been reliable for you? Thanks for any insight and suggestions.
  15. he would drop it once, then the video wouldn't get made because the thing would shatter