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    Java File with tons of neatly written Code.
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    Anime,Tech,All around Procrastinating.
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    Just a simple dude who likes to watch anime and discuss tech related shenanigans. (And wow, I spelled Shenanigans right on my first try!)
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    AMD FX-4300
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    Gigabyte GA-78LMT-USB3
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    G.Skill Ripjaws (2x4Gb)
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    RX 480
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    Diablotek Diamond Mid-Tower
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    1TB 64mb cache Western Digital Drive
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    EVGA 500w Non-Modular
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    Samsung Curved Panel CF398
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    Corsair Strafe RGB
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    Corsair Scimitar
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    Windows 10 64-bit

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  1. Just a simple question: I am 17 and already own my own car. (Used of course) It's a Toyota Highlander 2002, which is great and I have 0 complaints on. But, I have been slowly getting into cars and see how amazing they are, and it has encouraged me to want a manual car to want to learn stick. Also, I wanted a car that was cheap, yet easily modifiable so that way I can get more into doing car mods, as I don't wish to touch my current car. Any suggestions are appreciated, and yes I know I am 17 and I should be saving money for college, I am, this is just something to mull over for a time.
  2. Believe it or not, I just bought a new router, hooked it up to my modem, and now all my connection issues are fixed!
  3. Depending on Location (This is from Fistful of Frags) I live in MA and joined a Server in Miami and get an avg. of ~80ms ping
  4. Hello all, simple question. Would adding a router to my setup better my connection to game servers, as anytime I play, I notice that I have errors or dropped packets. Would a router remedy this? Currently I am jacked straight into a modem as an internet connection to my main pc. I have a modem/router combo that comcast provides that my family and I use for wifi, but it is in another room. SImply put, buy a router or is it another problem? Typical internet speeds: 100 mb/s Down 5 mb/s Up
  5. Return of the NEET "Unsatisfied, yet vilified against for poor performance, time for a change" Components: Processor: i5 6500 {Stock} {In Transit} Ram: PNY Anarchy 2x8gb 2600MHz {In Transit} Motherboard: Asus H110M-C/CSM {In Transit} Graphics Card: XFX RX 470 {In Use} Case: Diablotek Diamond {In Use} Hard Drives: {All In Use} 1TB WD {Main} 500GB Seagate Barracuda 600GB Hitachi 600GB Toshiba PSU: EVGA 500w Bronze Cert. {In Use} Stay tuned for a complete build guide and pictures! * A NEET or neet is a young person who is "Not in Education, Employment, or Training" - Wikipedia*
  6. Well I mean, if it's not allowed, then nevermind. Guess AMD is just trash for Mac
  7. I just wanted to know because I made a dedicated hackintosh drive, but it doesn't work right. It will boot, but after 30 ~ 60 seconds, the whole thing freezes. Does anyone have a decent way of doing a hackintosh that doesn't require another mac?
  8. This is just a little showdown of my main pc's speed on 3 different types of connections. And why you should rethink powerline adapters *NOTE THAT THIS IS A CHEAP SET OF ADAPTERS I BOUGHT FOR 30 DOLLARS US! DO NOT EXPECT THE SAME PERFORMANCE AT YOUR HOUSE OR WITH ANOTHER SET! *Edit: I understand that this is not a comparison of what you should do, hence the mileage may vary note. But This was just a test to see what, in my case, works best. Provider: Xfinity/Comcast 1.A Powerline Adapter attached to a surge protector (Slowest) 2.A Powerline Adapter attached to a wall socket (Normal Use) *One I use daily due to router placement 3.And Straight ethernet cord to the modem/router (Fastest) Results: Not surprising, although I didn't know I had >100mb/s internet! Moral of the story: Use Ethernet where capable. Fun fact: This is a new router that I got just the other day.
  9. Hello All, I was wondering if I could get some info on Heat Dissipation for a certain laptop. My old HP ENVY m6-1205dx is running very well, other than the fact that it overheats frequently. That was why I stopped using it a year ago. I just recently saw it sitting in my closet and thought that it may be of use. So, I redownloaded Windows 8 (Original OS) and reinstalled it, (Of course, the computer autoshutdown in between takes, but luckily no errors, but for some reason Windows update doesn't work properly, still fixing) The computer continued on it's path of Auto Shutdowns to preserve the cpu and graphics chip. So I found a simple fix online, lower the cpu power in AMD catalyst. And it worked. But, at a cost. Now, instead of the normal 2.3 GHz I used to run at, I am stuck at 1400 MHz ~ 1800 MHz total in order for the pc to run stable. I wanted to know if there was a better way to fix this laptop, (And YES I DID DUST IT OUT WITH COMPRESSED AIR!!!) Please let me know, I would like to try and squeeze as much performance out of this old PC as I can.
  10. Really hoping for something good. I'm still holding onto my Ipod Touch 4g.
  11. I tend to play alot of the newer games, and after playing the BF1 Beta it is clear to me how much I am lacking in terms of GPU power, not to mention the card is already showing signs of death, like artifacting.
  12. This is just a simple question as a, "What should I get first type scenario." I am looking into upgrading my system into an LGA 1151 i5-6400 system from my current AM3+ FX-4300. But I also wanted to replace my graphics card. Going from an R7 260x to a GTX 1060 or RX 480 (Still debating, but leaning towards 1060 for power consumption). I know the 4300 will be a massive bottleneck, which it already pretty much is in this case, but I was wondering, should I upgrade core components first and have less of a bottleneck now/ pay more upfront? OR Buy the graphics card now and upgrade the system later after saving up some for potentially more (Maybe a 6600k or such?)