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  1. WOW such a nice build !! i have a question where did you get the PCI slot bracket ? or did you cut it from the case? thanks in advance.
  2. got to be my unstableness at stock clock it seem to be more stable when overclock and sometime bios reset and i alway forget to save the dam setting LOL
  3. i get a crazy lag when i respawn then after like 5 sec it get lot better but still. anyone else have this problem ?
  4. can you delid amd cpu? or is this on work on intel ?
  5. so i'm going to build a new pc on and and i really want the customization of the light fx alienware aurora, I found the Dell 2JXP2 Alienware Aurora ALX FX Master Control Board . but i can't afford to pay for it if, it doesn't work with my motherboard so any one have any experience with this kind of thing?
  6. very nice build best micro atx i've seen on the internet so far. i was wondering how much sleeving did you use in total? you probably don't remember but just an estimate is great too. thanks man
  7. i'm was looking for some Static pressure optimized fan, and i found the CM Excalibur and Silverstone Air Penetrator. i need some opinion on these fans and and any other SP fans out there. Thank You very much to those who answer and read. and thank you Linus and his team for providing the forum
  8. what size tubing did you use? looking great!!
  9. awww you live in Australia the shipping going to be a *****.... i would've buy that if you live in US