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  1. Thank you for replying so fast, the main reason i didn't buy 760t yet is because i want to mount 360 radiator on top and for that i would have to remove the plastic cover. It would look kinda ugly, in my opinion. Can you maybe recommend me some other case, even better, I don't have to go with corsair, if someting better comes up. I forgot to mention, i plan on doing hardtube watercooling and would like to have a lot of free space to work with inside of a case. Thanks.
  2. Hi guys, i'm going to buy a new case in a couple of days and my last two choices are corsair 760t and 780t. It would be awesome if someone who is familiar with both of them could write a couple of Pros and Cons and which one should i get. In my country, Austria, 780t costs like 10 Euros more,thats why i'm thinking to go with 780. Thanks
  3. I tried to power up the pc , to see if everything works , smoke came out and system rebooted. I thought I fried the mb but it still works just fine in my second rig.
  4. I had the same problem with my old mb. It happened last summer , was hot as he'll. I assume I touched the back of the mb with my sweaty hands while installing it. When I tried to power up I heard the same thing as you did and smoke came out. But mb still works.
  5. I think SSB shouldn't have any trouble going to semifinals and with a bit of luck to finals too. There is not much difference between them and SSW. We will see. I must say I was looking forward to see fnatic dominating the worlds but now I m little bit disappointed.
  6. Well, now I don't know what to do. I didn't order them yet. I planned to get two reference cards and overclock them myself but now I'm thinking about gigabyte g1 too. I'm really stuck here.
  7. Im going with reference too. Curious just how noisy is the fan on reference ones?
  8. Ok, well I think I'll go with evga reference
  9. Define r4, two front 140 mm intake , one rear 140mm exhaust and two 120mm on top rad exhaust
  10. Ok guys , I plan to buy two 980s . What I wanted to ask is if I should go with reference cards or aftermarket? I m willing to consider every option. And please include links for either reference or aftermarket cards. There are so many of them, I can't decide. Help
  11. So i just tried the swiftech fans and they are runing really quiet so i guess theres something wrong with my e loop fans.
  12. Yes, all my fans are 4pin. I doublechecked all connections. I don't know what else to try.
  13. Hi, so to start, i just recently bought swiftech pwm splitter and connected all my 4pin fans on it. The problem is that my radfans are runing at full speed. After i disconect case fans one after another radfans start to slow down but they are still to loud. And when i start conecting case fans back radfans run faster and faster until they reach their full speed. I tried running just with pump and case fans and my rig was deadsilent. So imo the only issue are the radfans. My motherboard is gigabyte gaz97x - ud5h bk and fans are noiseblocker e loop 120 mm. Can someone help me`?